Heart Surgeon Reveals The Real Cause Of Heart Disease!

For a long time doctors say that the reason for heart disease is high cholesterol. Thus, they have been treating high cholesterol all this time with medications in order to reduce the levels. This was based on a diet with low fat intake. However, scientists have discovered that heart disease is not caused by high cholesterol levels. What causes this in fact is something much more different than cholesterol.

The Study that Proved the Real Reason for Heart Disease

There has been a recent research that discovered that the reason behind heart disease was arterial inflammation. This actually got the whole medical community pretty shook. What is more, the dietary recommendations were the ones that caused bigger problems because they resulted in a worldwide epidemic of diabetes and obesity. Only in the USA, 1/4 of the adult population takes medications for lowering cholesterol or statins. This also proves that in the USA 75 million of people suffer from heart disease and 20 million from diabetes. Moreover, each year the number of these patients rises, thus proving that cholesterol is not the real reason behind this disease.

In fact, the real reason behind this is inflammation. Inflammation is actually very beneficial because this is how the body reacts to invaders naturally. Due to the fact that we are exposed to toxins all the time, our body is not able to fight and process foreign invaders and the inflammation becomes chronic. This will affect the health and heart negatively.

What is bad here is that we cause the inflammation ourselves with our unhealthy diets and lifestyle. If we constantly consume inflammatory products and foods that are rich in sugar and fat, it will be harmful for out health. This type of diet will lead to chronic inflammation and different diseases like diabetes and heart diseases. Plus, another factor that increases the risk of heart diseases is a low fat diet, which is usually recommended for treating high cholesterol levels.

The foods that we consume daily which are unhealthy, they cause a big damage to our health. It is not important where and how the inflammation started. The important thing is that it will damage your health. These types of foods will affect the arteries and this will cause serious medical conditions.

The Worst Foods for Your Health

Cinnamon rolls are the worst food for our health. They have a lot of carbs and sugar, which in turn increases the risk of a lot of medical conditions. If you consume sweets and sugar, it will increase the risk of a lot of medical conditions and diseases. If you consume sweets and sugar, you will increase the blood sugar levels quickly. Moreover, this will cause the pancreas to produce insulin, which is the hormone that regulates the glucose in the blood. This will cause a chain reaction. If you take sugar constantly it will make the pancreas produce high amounts of insulin which results in glucose which turns into fat. The sugar molecules attach themselves to the proteins which can damage the artery walls causing increase of the inflammation and they can damage the blood vessels immensely.

Sweet rolls also contain a lot of omega 6 fatty acids due to the fact that they are baked in soybean oil. This type of oil has a lot of these acids which are used to increase the shelf life of products. Even though these acids are beneficial, they need to be perfectly balanced with omega 3 acids in the body. If they are not, the inflammation will increase due to the production of cytokines produced by cellular membranes.

The western diet claims that the best ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 acids is 30:1. This diet is very high in omega 6 fatty acids and this is worrying. This type of diet will increase the weight and the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

If you increase the intake of processed foods you will also increase the risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Thus, if you want to lower the risk of developing some of these diseases you will need to change your diet and start consuming more natural foods. Therefore, you should consume more carbs from vegetables and fruits. Plus, use olive oil or grass-fed butter instead of sunflower or soybean oils for cooking.

To Conclude

Therefore, you should not exclude saturated fat or animal fat from the diet. This is because they do not cause heart diseases. They contain low amount of omega 6 acids, thus, they do not cause inflammation. Saturated fat does not increase the cholesterol levels as well.

On the other hand, a low diet is much worse. This diet has proven that it increases the number of heart diseases worldwide. Therefore, if you want to improve the overall health and reduce and eliminate inflammation, you will need to avoid processed foods and you should consume more home-cooked meals with a lot of natural ingredients, vegetables and fruits.

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