Have crystal white teeth in just 7 days with this cheap ingredient

When using turmeric, you don’t need to worry about this potential damage. It doesn’t rub and doesn’t leave an acidic pH in your mouth. You can place it straight onto the teeth and know that you are cleansing and not leaving particles behind. It’s very similar to the way that baking soda will work!

Let’s look at the step by step guide now for cleaning your teeth with turmeric.

All you’ll need is:

  • A quarter tsp of turmeric (not a lot at all!)
  • A few drops of water to create a paste
  • A bit of time to give it chance to work


  1. Start by creating your paste by mixing the turmeric with water.
  2. You want it to be fairly thick; a little like a normal tube of toothpaste.
  3. A quarter of a tsp of the turmeric will be just enough to create enough of this natural toothpaste for one round of tooth brushing.

You’ll still want to clean your teeth for about two minutes. This allows you to get into all the teeth on all sides of them. Use a soft to medium bristled toothbrush for the natural abrasion on the teeth, just like you would with a baking soda teeth

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