Harmful Habits that Most Women do Daily

For a nice and stylish look, we have to do a great effort. But sometimes that effort could lead to quite the opposite effect.

In caring for your own beauty, definitely you need to rethink part of your daily habits.

These are things that should be avoided because it really harmful:

1. Apply sunscreen only on the face

Because of this habit, often arms and shoulders are covered with spots.

2. Seating legged

This is a bad habit that affects the blood circulation in the lower limbs. It can lead to varicose veins and swelling of the legs.

3. Grooming hair immediately after bathing

This leads to fragility of hair.

4. Tying “horsetail”

No doubt this hairstyle acts stylish and glamorous. But thus arises strongly pulling the hair, which in the long term can lead to baldness.

5. Applying makeup immediately after plucking eyebrows

This habit increases the chances of infection occur.

6. Carrying unnecessary things in the bag.

This creates an additional burden on your back, which of course will lead to consequences in the long term.

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