Hair Dusting Means You’ll Never Have to Lose Your Length Again

Smooth healthy hair is the mission of every woman. But the daily styling can damage the hair and cause appearance nasty blown and blossoming ends. Although haircut is the best solution to that problem, many of us avoid it to preserve the length of the hair.

“Hair dusting is a technique in which you don’t get rid of any hair length, but only the damaged hair tips. This can be done by snipping the very bottom of each hair strand. Think of it in terms of removing fuzz from clothes. You want to smooth the hair out the best you can first, because you need to allow the bad hair to pop up. That’s what you will be getting rid of.” – Salcedo tells Refinery 29.

See how it looks:

Of course, this technique is not new, but in recent years gained great popularity. There are hairdressers in the world that instead of scissors use fire.

The downside of Hair Dusting is that time-consuming, which is why many hairdressers avoid this technique.

Originally posted 2017-04-03 17:26:06.

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