Five words that are enough to make him fall in love with you

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Women’s heart is able to be so very broken, that eventually a large proportion remain emotionally drained.



A woman who suffered unpleasant divorce after 13 years of marriage explains his secret – as only 6 words are sufficient for someone to fall for you.

“I just want to have a nice time, not looking for anything long term.


Reverse psychology obviously still has a huge impact on all of us.

It’s like you tell a small child – no chocolate before lunch, not playing with that toy now. What means it? Normally, only think of chocolate and toys.

On the other hand, girls who really  experienced many defeats and disappointments simply emit vibrations that are particularly interested in serious affair or wasting time with someone. It further interest and excite the opposite sex.

One of the men who were interested in her back the woman saying that she knows why she is single. Because it pushes off all around her.

It proved to be true. However, many of the men, including himself again returned to her. Which is why it?

Natural way.  Mysterious spark that can not be defined. Perhaps there are those butterflies in the stomach, love just happens and you can not explain, just feel. Whether it comes to chemistry, pheromones or inexplicable animal attraction, love is already here and plans to keep a long time.

Few are fortunate enough to experience this feeling.

Insidious way. Roughly the game takes place hot-cold. Give crumbs, then withdrawing. Disappear for a while. Returning precisely the moment when he wants to give up on you again awakening his interest. When things went as it should again move away for no reason. And so to infinity, like a bad love vicious circle.

Motherly way. Disconnecting the best of him, encouraged him, giving him constant support. Energy people move where it comes attention. Who does not like flattery, attention, support, nurturing? This type of love is that full support, one that motivates and inspires, and is often accompanied by success.

From her experience she affirms that the most effective is the insidious way, using the above 5 words. Do not fall in love with me.

It’s like a challenge to the game and his stress that he will be the winner.

Combined with hot-cold behavior, confirmed that men lose their head and somehow besieging wife. And fell in love with it or at least think they really love.

But nothing good comes out at the end of it all.

So she advised to be a good person. To be sincere, honest, not taking part in subversive manipulative games. Perhaps the heart will be broken, but you will feel better than manipulate someone.

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