Five Exercises that Jennifer Lopez maintains his Fit body

Jennifer Lopez looks incredibly fit, although she steps in the fifth decade of her life. She held her body in enviable shape thanks to the discipline, intense training and proper nutrition.


Tracy Anderson, who is the personal trainer of Jennifer Lopez shows five exercises that are included into the training of the music star, which instantly harden and tone the muscles of the body.

One of the secrets of Jennifer Lopez, is that in her training she adds weights of 2 kg, which are fastened to her feet in the area above the ankles.

Each exercise is repeated 30 times on each side.


Lower your body on the floor and lean the elbows to keep dog position, with elbows to be placed under the shoulders and the knees under the hips. First, drag the left leg toward your chest (Figure A) and then in reverse direction extend backward and up (Figure B).


Kneel on left knee, set the right leg aside and place the hands on your hips (Figure A). Let your left foot remain static, while the right drag it back to yourself. While the right leg is stretched back, tilt forward with your upper body, pinch the hands and rely on both elbows on the floor (Figure B).


Lie with the face directed toward the floor, place your hands under the shoulders. Extend your right leg and place the left over it, with the left ankle  located in the area behind the right knee (Figure A). Push aside of the floor with the  hands. As the body lifts , slowly lift the left hand up(Figure B ).


Take the side plank position. Your right hip is supported on the floor. Put your left arm on your left hip and bring forward your left leg and rely on the knee (Figure A). Lift the body up and extend the left leg while balancing the body on the right knee (Figure B).


Stand in doggy position so that the palms will be placed on the floor under the shoulders and the knees will be parallel under the hips. Move the right hand under the chest to the left side while directing the head towards the floor. Activate the left foot and place it upright aside (Figure A). Stay in the position you took, but put the left leg backward with the foot directed at the ceiling (Figure B).

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