Fight Ovarian Cancer With This Miraculous Vegetable

Juice of garlic, pitcher, and honey should be taken twice a day according to the following scheme:

  • The first five days: 10 drops of garlic juice at once,
  • The second five days: 20 drops of garlic juice at once,
  • The third five days: 30 drops, etc., increasing the dose every five days for 10 caps.
  • Gradually the dose can be increased to one tablespoon.

Juice of garlic should be drunk with juice from the syrup, and after half an hour you should take a spoonful of honey.

The mentioned dose should be taken for a certain period. Then gradually it should be reduced and returned to the original 10 drops. After this, the juice of garlic should be discontinued, and continue to drink the juice of the juniper a year.

This agent is not a cure, but it is a great addition to chemotherapy. It improves the condition of the patient and increases the resistance of the body.

Particular attention should be paid to those who have a connection with the technique, with ionizing radiation and radiation. The garlic must be included in the diet.

The last element in garlic is ајо. From a medical point of view, this compound is very important and it was discovered by American and Venezuelan scientists. Initially, this discovery was kept secret. Experiments have shown that it can prevent the formation of the thrombus.

Ајо in Spanish means garlic, so this element is called so, and after its discovery and after laboratory experiments that ended in the late 1980s, this compound began to be used in ready-made medicines that are recommended for thrombophlebitis and thrombosis.

This miraculous element also fights fungal diseases, even with bad growths.

Of course, he is not a cure for cancer. But the use of ајо is recommended in the treatment and prevention of colon cancer, skin cancer, and stomach.

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