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YONEX National products Max 41% OFF - Nanoray Light 18i Badminton Black Rac iSeries NR-LT18IEX

YONEX - Nanoray Light 18i iSeries NR-LT18IEX Black Badminton Rac


YONEX - Nanoray Light 18i iSeries NR-LT18IEX Black Badminton Rac

Product description

1x Yonex Nanoray Light 18i Black 5U-G5 Badminton Racket
1x String (Free Stringing Service) * please inform us the string tension required
1x Super PU replacement grip (the grip will be wrapped for you)

The Nanoray Light 18i iSeries badminton racket is developed in Japan and made in China.  This is a new and technologically advanced racquet which delivers fast handling and high repulsion, responding to high-speed rallies with lightning fast movement.

The aero-box frames helps minimizing air resistance so air flows faster across the curved surface during the swing, accelerating head speed and transferring more speed and power into hits. Great potential as an all-round and perfect racket for double players as it's easy to maneuver due to its weight and length.

Yonex Nanoray Light 18i Black 5U-G5 Specifications
Frame Material: H.M. Full Graphite
Shaft Material: H.M. Full Graphite
Flex: Flexible
Weight: 75g +/- 2 (5U-G5)
Length: 665mm +/- 2
Max Tension: 30 lbs
Balance: 300mm +/- 5 (Head Heavy)

YONEX - Nanoray Light 18i iSeries NR-LT18IEX Black Badminton Rac

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