Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Things You Didn’t Know About Your Breasts

Hey, girls I hope you all learned a little bit about your breast especially in your biology class or get a lot of information about your breasts when you got them. But are you really think you learned all the things about your breast? Well, that’s good but there are still lots of things you need to learn about your breasts.

Below we provide some amazing facts about breast and we bet you don’t know about them so let’s discuss them:

You don’t believe but your left breast is bigger than your right one:

It’s proven that your twins are not identical your left one is bigger because it is nearer to heart and all the arteries help for the enlargement of the left breast . Most of the people are right handed so you do lots of work with right hand and therefore be more toned which possibly means you right breast is smaller than left one.

Coffee can make your boobs more sensitive:

According to some evidence that caffeine may increase breast tenderness and pain especially in people with fibrocystic breast changes. So if you are coffee lover it’s sad news for you as you may loosen your breast size but on the other hand, it may be good news for those who want to lose their breast size. According to research if women take more than 2 cups of coffee have 17 % smaller breast than women who drank fewer cups of coffee per day.

Your breasts can leak:

Yeah… that can happen and we are not talking about leaking breast during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Apart of that your breast when squeezed out hard mostly during mammogram so it may be the sign of trouble and it’s the time to see a doctor.

Breastfeeding actually lowers risk of breast cancer:

There are numerous benefits for your baby and for you. Women often get firm bones when they are breastfeeding because in that case calcium is absorbed more easily during lactating. Breastfeeding may protect you and your child from various chronic conditions such as Crohn’s disease, diabetes and also helpful to reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancer in moms.

No two nipples are same:

YUP…..you won’t believe but actually nipples are of 8 types and these are flat, puffy, short nipple, three grades of inverted. That is (inverted grade 1, inverted grade 2, inverted grade 3), long nipple and normal. Do you notice your nipple, in which category they fall? Well.. If not then start figuring out your category?

The weight of the breast:

Most breast have weight up to 1.1 pounds and contribute 5 % to total body fat and at the time of pregnancy and nursing your breast may gain half pounds each . You can also compare your breast weight with melon.

Breasts need your care:

Nobody wants wrinkly and saggy boobs then you need to take proper care on your breast for that what you need to massage your breast with essential oils to make them firm. If you have stretch marks on your breast daily moisturize your breasts. Like your face, your breast also needs some care so don’t ignore them.

Say “NO” to smoking:

If you are a hardcore smoker then it may really a concern so stop smoking immediately as it may cause breast sagging. Strong chemicals present in cigarette smoke may weaken and also responsible for skin aging because cigarette may decrease blood supply to the skin surface. In short, it’s not worth it. Smoking is also responsible for discolorations and uneven skin around your boobs.

Bad news for alcohol lover:

There is the latest evidence shows that more than 3 or more than three servings of alcohol may increase your risk of breast cancer. Alcohol may also increase the risk of breast cancer. So avoid alcoholic beverages except for red wine as it is considered as a healthy alcoholic beverage. Instead of alcohol, you can try sugar syrups, soda drinks and other beverages.

Other Facts related to breasts:

  • Everyone has hair strands on your nipples, you won’t believe but it works as a turn off for males. You can pluck them with tweezers or simply can trim them.
  • You need to take proper care of your lovely assets don’t keep you personal assets sweaty as it may lead to cause pimples and blackheads. During menstrual cycle texture of your breasts changes.
  • During the periods your breast becomes painful, swollen due to increase in progesterone hormone. But after your periods your breasts become smoothest body part in women.
  • And when you are not on your periods your breast become more sexually active body part. 47% of men notice breasts before even looking at the face and only 20 % of them looks at the face.
  • Men think that women with big breasts are likely to have more interest in rather them smaller breast women. Well, it’s a big myth.
  • The best position of sleeping is on your side or placing a pillow behind your breasts as these positions make your breast firm and in shape. Sleeping on upright position may de-shape your breasts.
  • Breasts are the most sensitive areas of a woman. Your breasts may sunburn even if you wear a bra and a swimsuit. So be careful and apply sunscreen lotion of SPF 15 whenever you go out.
  • If you avoid this very soon you may observe brown spot premature wrinkling on your lovely twins.

Originally posted 2019-04-26 22:12:34.

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