www.femalle.net,Avery,Address,Laser,La,Office Products , Office School Supplies,2,500,Labels,,Inkjet,Shipping,Printers,,/elevatedness702778.html,$38 $38 Avery Shipping Address Labels, Laser Inkjet Printers, 2,500 La Office Products Office School Supplies Avery Shipping Address Labels Laser 2 La Year-end gift Inkjet Printers 500 $38 Avery Shipping Address Labels, Laser Inkjet Printers, 2,500 La Office Products Office School Supplies Avery Shipping Address Labels Laser 2 La Year-end gift Inkjet Printers 500 www.femalle.net,Avery,Address,Laser,La,Office Products , Office School Supplies,2,500,Labels,,Inkjet,Shipping,Printers,,/elevatedness702778.html,$38

Avery Shipping Free shipping / New Address Labels Laser 2 La Year-end gift Inkjet Printers 500

Avery Shipping Address Labels, Laser Inkjet Printers, 2,500 La


Avery Shipping Address Labels, Laser Inkjet Printers, 2,500 La

Product description

Style:1 Pack

Not your basic label. UltraHold permanent adhesive is guaranteed to stick and stay put on cardboard, envelopes, paper, glass or metal. Avery address labels won't lift, curl or fall off like other brands. Quickly and easily create your own personalized labels. This pack of 2,500 shipping labels is excellent for shipping and mailing jobs, as well as for creating custom labels for gift tags, crafting, party favors and more. These address labels are optimized for laser amp; inkjet printers so you can easily print brilliantly bold colors and crystal clear text without worrying about printer jams or ink smudges. You can also effortlessly personalize your printable labels with logos, graphics or images using the free shipping labels template and designs at avery.com/templates.

From the manufacturer

Avery Shipping Address Labels, Laser Inkjet Printers, 2,500 La

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