Eating Pinch Of Turmeric Is Like Workout For A Whole Hour

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The turmeric has a lot of benefits which we can enjoy if we add it to our daily diet. One thing that perhaps you did not know is that it has the same benefits as working out. What this means is that it can keep the cardio system healthy.

Even though medical experts do not want to get into its science, a lot of studies have proven that it is indeed very good for the overall health.

Turmeric can lessen the risk of a heart attack after bypass surgeries by whole 50%. It actually contains polyphenol called curcuma and this can improve the heart’s work.

There was a study that included 32 women in menopause and post menopause periods. There were 3 groups of them. One group ate curcuma, one group worked out and one group did nothing. They were mainly focused on the elasticity, heart and the function of the vessels. They also focused on the lining of the endotheylium and the vessels that are the link to atherosclerosis.

By the end of the study, they found out that those who had curcuma and actually 150 mg turmeric daily had the same diet as previously. Those with exercise, did aerobic 3 times per week, walking and cycling. After 8 weeks passed, the first two groups had great results. Both of these were very good for the blood vessels.

Turmeric and Working Out

These findings can actually give motivation to a lot of people to start eating turmeric and start working out. The turmeric is so beneficial that it can even help with 600 issues. However, bear in mind that curcuma cannot replace the working out completely. The best way would be to combine these two things together.

Another study focused on the turmeric effect on the workouts and stress tolerance in menopause women with heart issues. The study found out that the workout combined with curcuma reduced the ventricular issues. What is more, the afterload in the left ventricular made a heart hypertrophy where there was an aortic valve and hypertension.

It is very clear that turmeric is extremely beneficial. If combined with exercise it can do wonders for your health, especially for the heart. Thus, do not wait any more and add the turmeric to your diet.

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