Do You Know Feet are a Perfect Source of Flushing Out The Toxins From Body, Here How

A body is a great gift of GOD, and it is our duty to keep it in safe and sound mode. But now a days human health issues are very common. Every other person you met have some kind of health issues. It is due to the changing life styles, our life is totally starts depending on machines.

According to this, When toxin substance develop after metabolic activity, our body naturally put these toxins far away from your heart and these toxins starts being stored in the feet and through this, toxins affect our body function because feet has a net of all the veins which are connected to our whole body. Feet are also known as a second heart. So for detoxifying the body, our feet are a good start to wash the toxins out. There are some methods for detoxifying through two main methods.

Foot Bath

It’s an easy and cheap method of detoxifying. All you have to do is to get some hot water in the tub, put 1 tea spoon of salt, essential oil and some herbs. Then soak your feet for 10 to 15 minutes. It doesn’t only flush out toxins but also relieve you from swelling.

Foot Pads

It is also easy and simple way. You can buy it from some drug shop asking by the name of Detox foot pads. This detox pads include ingredients which boost up your detoxifying. It includes bamboo vinegar, oak vinegar etc.

Directions to use Foot Pad

You have to put them under your feet just like the sole of the shoe in the night. And in the morning, when you see your pad has turned brown, it’s a proof of detoxification of body while you were asleep.


For better results on first night of using it, put three pads under your each foot. One under the fingers, one under the ankle and one between both of them. And use them every other night for 30 days. You will see that pads color would be to light color with every passing day which is a proof of body is now becoming free of toxic substance.

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