Do breast lift Creams Work? Here Is The Truth You Should Know

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Well-toned breasts, attractive bust line, and perfect cleavage – these are the dreams of any woman. However, most of us are not blessed with naturally round, firm, and perky boobs. There are many women whose breasts are not only poorly proportioned but also quite saggy and droopy. Needless to say, this is both unappealing as well as frustrating. Hence, a large number of women opt for commercially available breast firming or tightening creams.

Though cosmetic surgeries, (breast lift, breast augmentation, etc.) are there to firm up the breasts and enhance their aesthetic appearance, women find the creams easier and more convenient. But it is advised that you make a well-informed decision before buying any of them. So, do breast firming creams work in reality? In this article, we have unleashed the truth and everything else you should know about them. Check it out.

Why Do Breasts Lose Firmness?

Loose, saggy breasts are medically termed as ‘breast ptosis’. Though this change in the appearance of breasts is a completely natural one experienced by most of the women, it ruins the aesthetic beauty of the organ. Hence, they try to improve the firmness of their assets and prevent further sagginess. But what makes the breasts lose their firmness? 

Let us start with unfolding the root cause of the problem. Our breasts are made of lots of fat tissue and supporting ligaments called ‘Cooper’s ligaments’. As we grow older, the skin covering these elements loses its elasticity and the ligaments stretch out. These impact the breast tissue negatively, which eventually results in a pair of droopy and saggy breasts. While aging affects the appearance of our breasts in a natural way, the process is further accelerated by the following factors

  • The gravitational force of the earth
  • Genetics
  • High body mass index
  • Collagen deficiency
  • Lack of estrogen hormone
  • The habit of smoking
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Large breast size
  • Menopause
  • Rapid weight loss followed by weight gain (or vice versa)
  • Wearing an ill-fitted bra
  • Not wearing a bra at all

What Are Breast Firming Creams?

Breast firming creams are specially formulated cream- or gel-based products that aim at firming, tightening, and lifting loose and saggy breasts. This helps in restoring the youthful look of the breasts without any hassle. They can be applied topically, which makes them an easier alternative to painful surgeries.

From herbal to chemical, the compositions of such creams can differ widely and they are available from a variety of brands. Breast firming creams are mostly suitable for breasts with cup sizes A and B.

Topical products like breast firming creams can improve the elasticity and appearance of the skin covering breasts. However, they cannot change the condition of their inner tissue.

What Do Breast Firming Creams Claim?

As said earlier, there is a slew of breast firming formulae (creams, lotions, and potions) available in the market and each of them comes with its own sets of promises. But the common promise that almost all of them makes is to give firm, toned, and fuller breasts as they were in your teen days.

It usually refers to a ‘natural breast lift’ as well as an ‘enhanced tone and texture’ of the skin of the breasts by making the tissue firmer. Some of them even promise to stimulate metabolism, thereby averting sagging. Many new advanced formulae are also being launched to take care of the delicate skin surrounding breasts while making them firmer and tighter.

What Do Breast Firming Creams Do?

Whatever the claims of the breast firming creams are, the actual scenario is quite different from it. They not only just seem too good to be true but also do not have any significant effects on our breast tissue in reality. They also do not have the capability of preventing the sagginess and making the breasts firm permanently.

What they do is tighten up and contract the skin, which gives us an illusion of having firmer and perkier breasts for a short period of time. Be it the elasticity of our skin or the repairing of the damaged breast tissue, no product can solve these issue topically. Only surgeries can reverse these conditions permanently. So, being topical breast firming creams, they can not provide us considerable results for the rest of the life.

Active Ingredients Of Breast Firming Creams

Now, let us have a look at the active ingredients present in those readily available breast firming creams. In general, they contain collagen-producing or heavily moisturizing elements to serve the purpose. Here is a brief:

  1. Phytoestrogen is a plant-derived estrogen (synthetic), which is known to make breasts larger and firmer during pregnancy.
  2. Retin-A increases the collagen production in our skin and rebuilds the skin cells, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.
  3. Both hyaluronic acid and vitamin E are considered antioxidants, which tone up our skin and make it look healthy.
  4. Being great natural moisturizing agents, shea butter and cocoa butter induce enough moisture into our cells and plump up the skin as a whole.

So, you can see that the components of popular breast firming creams can work externally on our skin, thereby improving its tone and texture significantly. They are, however, not capable of preventing the droopiness of breasts by curing damaged inner tissue.

Should You Use Breast Firming Creams?

Breast firming creams may promise to make our loose pendulous organs firmer by making the skin quality better, but none of them have any scientific data to back up the claims. Precisely, the efficacy of such products is completely relative.

Since most of us do not consider going under the knife as an option, such firming or tightening creams seem to be the best bet for us. These are a painless, scar-less, risk-free, and comparatively safer option that does not burn holes in your pocket. But if you are looking for a reliable solution for getting rid of your sagging breasts permanently, stick to other common procedures like surgery, implant, etc.

Choosing The Right Breast Firming Cream

If you are still reluctant to undergo cosmetic surgeries for making your breasts tighter and toned, just be careful about choosing your breast firming cream. Before slapping just any self-proclaimed ‘best’ product on your chest, take time and make a thorough research.

The market is flooded with tons of cheap quality products that are downright dangerous for our health. Not all breast firming creams are safe. It is vital to go through the list of ingredients before purchasing to ensure a safe application. Try to invest in a good quality cream from a reputed brand. Also, it is advisable that you opt for herbal products only in order to avoid all sorts of chemical reactions.

Just because a product is FDA-approved, it does not guarantee that it is going work for you. The results can be different from person to person.

How Long Does It Take To Show Results?

No breast firming cream can give you amazing results overnight. They are not miracle products. So, it is essential that you tackle the roots of your issue and consider the cream as an add-on to combat it. Make sure that you follow a well-balanced diet and a robust workout routine to keep your breasts in good shape and size. Also, do not forget to wear a supportive bra that can help you maintain the firmness of your breasts externally.

Side Effects Of Breast Firming Creams

It is always good to stay away from commercial breast firming creams if you are pregnant or breastfeeding your newborn. This ensures that the ingredients of the product do not get into breast milk. In fact, if you are suffering from any medical condition that has an impact on your breasts, you should steer clear of such commercial creams.


Sagging breasts may look unappealing and downgrade one’s confidence. While the market is flooded with OTC breast firming creams, it’s important to understand how it works, it’s side effects and truth behind it before you start using it. Sagging of breasts happens due to multiple reasons like pregnancy, genetics, collagen deficiency etc.

Breast firming creams  tighten up and contract the skin to an extent thus giving an illusion of having firmer breasts. Unfortunately effects can last only for a short duration and it comes with side effects.

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