Debunking the Top 5 Weight Loss Myths

There are so many different ways to reach your goals it could make your head spin. This is great news because with all these different options, there is a healthy and sustainable plan out there for everyone–whatever their goals and lifestyle might be.

Some people swear by eating Vegan or Vegetarian and have great results, and some swear by eating a Paleo or Ketogenic diet. Some people love eating 6 meals a day, where others have great results with intermittent fasting.

The key here is that there is no single diet or routine that is right or wrong if a certain eating or workout routine does not work well for your body, that is perfectly okay. There are many options out there and one WILL work for you–you just have to find YOUR thing!

5. Healthy Eating is Expensive

Okay, so this can be tricky eating a steak dinner with grass fed beef and a plate full of organic vegetables can get pretty spendy. But just because you can’t afford choice cut grass fed beef and freshly picked organic vegetables does not mean you can’t eat a healthy, clean, well balanced diet.

The average fast food meal today costs $7 per person–multiply that for a family of 4 and that quickly adds up to $28. Now take a virtual walk through the grocery store with me the average package of chicken thighs-$7, a bag of brown rice-$2, and a large head of broccoli-$5. Not only did we save $14, this grocery store meal is healthy and well balanced and with a few spices and seasonings, can be delicious too! With a little creativity, healthy eating can be feasible on ANY budget.

*A few tips for making healthy grocery hauls more affordable: Frozen vegetables are often cheaper than fresh; steel cut oats are a perfect cheap and healthy staple; eggs are affordable, easy to cook, and a GREAT source of protein; buying dried beans and rice as opposed to microwave ready bags or cans can save lots of money.

Ready to Start Losing Weight?

Falling for some of these weight loss myths and following old school conventional guidelines can sometimes do more harm than good–unknowingly causing our bodies to STORE fat instead of BURN it. Once the hormones associated with weight management become disrupted, it can make losing weight an uphill battle

Originally posted 2018-12-27 00:02:18.

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