I test Masks with Cucumber and Petal Face with Magical effect!

In this video I try out cucumber and tulip face masks by Kocostar! I found these on ASOS and bought them because I saw them on my friend Nina’s instagram and had been dying to try them out!

I tried out the cucumber mask first, it’s meant to be hydrating and calming. The cucumber pieces are drenched and feel really nice on the skin. Next I put on some of the tulip petal mask, which is for rejuvenating and softening. These petals felt so hydrating, I think they maybe soak up more liquid than the cucumber pieces. I don’t know if you’re meant to, but I rubbed the remains of the mask on my hands and legs to get that sweet hydration. Unlike most sheet masks, it’s really secure and I can talk and move without it falling off.

You have to leave it for 20-30mins to work. After twenty minutes, the petals started drying out as though my skin had soaked up all the hydration. After peeling off all the pieces, my face felt way plumper and my skin looked so fresh. I decided to keep the open packet in the fridge so that next use they will be super refreshing. The next morning, my skin still felt really hydrated and I didn’t get any dryness, plus my neck felt softer where I had put it.

Other varieties available include lemon, tomato and rose. Each pack has two masks from what I can tell. I did buy the tomato and rose ones but I haven’t tried them out yet. The tomato mask is hydrating and brightening and the rose petal mask is for hydrating and nourishing. Tbh I’m not sure why I bought the tomato one since that’s unappealing to me but oh well.

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