$3,www.femalle.net,Hook,Caddis,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,(25-Pack),C49S,Mustad,/craft794389.html,Curved $3,www.femalle.net,Hook,Caddis,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,(25-Pack),C49S,Mustad,/craft794389.html,Curved Sale special price Mustad C49S Caddis Curved Hook 25-Pack $3 Mustad C49S Caddis Curved Hook (25-Pack) Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $3 Mustad C49S Caddis Curved Hook (25-Pack) Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Sale special price Mustad C49S Caddis Curved Hook 25-Pack

All items in the store Sale special price Mustad C49S Caddis Curved Hook 25-Pack

Mustad C49S Caddis Curved Hook (25-Pack)


Mustad C49S Caddis Curved Hook (25-Pack)

Product description

1X short, standard wired, straight eyed, curved caddis hook for emergers and fresh water shrimps. 25 hooks per pack

Mustad C49S Caddis Curved Hook (25-Pack)

Photo © Nox Photography/Stocksy

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