$20 Camping Axe, SUPCAMP Portable Survival Axe Multi-Tool Hatchet Fo Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Fo,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Axe,,Hatchet,$20,Survival,SUPCAMP,Axe,/craft793789.html,www.femalle.net,Camping,Portable,Multi-Tool Camping Axe Direct stock discount SUPCAMP Portable Fo Hatchet Survival Multi-Tool $20 Camping Axe, SUPCAMP Portable Survival Axe Multi-Tool Hatchet Fo Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Camping Axe Direct stock discount SUPCAMP Portable Fo Hatchet Survival Multi-Tool Fo,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Axe,,Hatchet,$20,Survival,SUPCAMP,Axe,/craft793789.html,www.femalle.net,Camping,Portable,Multi-Tool

Camping Axe Oklahoma City Mall Direct stock discount SUPCAMP Portable Fo Hatchet Survival Multi-Tool

Camping Axe, SUPCAMP Portable Survival Axe Multi-Tool Hatchet Fo


Camping Axe, SUPCAMP Portable Survival Axe Multi-Tool Hatchet Fo

Product description

Be prepared for every situation. The Supcamp survival axe is a multifunctional hand tool which is perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, gardening, fishing and car emergency and it’s lightweight and portable, so you can keep this camping axe anywhere, from your car to your backpack.

Why choose Supcamp portable camping axe?

Adjustable Length and Portable
Designed with extension bars, the length of the camping axe is adjustable according to your needs, assemble or disassemble smoothly. perfect for carrying on your trip for hiking or camping
Sturdy and Durable
The Axe head is made of premium steel, and sturdy thick aluminum alloy for the handle and extension bars, durable and can withstand harsh conditions.
This portable survival axe includes camping multitools such as axe, hammer, bottle opener, fish scaler tool, fire starter, emergency whistle, glass breaker, safety hammer, compass, hand rope, etc.
Ergonomic Design
Come with protective sheath, which is easy to buckle to your rucksack or belt in safety position. Professional CAMO WRAP TAPE is also included, so you can put on the handle to get a better grip and cushioning for the hands.

Color: Black
Axe Material: Premium Steel
Handle Material: Sturdy Aluminum Alloy
Weight: 2.14lb
Size: 18in x 6.3in x 1.3in

Package Includes:
1 x Axe Head
1 x Axe Sheath
1 x Fire Starter with Whistle
1 x Fish Scaler Tool
2 x Extension Bars
1 x Compass
1 x Safety Hammer
1 x Hand Rope
1 x Camo Tape Wrap

Camping Axe, SUPCAMP Portable Survival Axe Multi-Tool Hatchet Fo

Photo © Nox Photography/Stocksy

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