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Nu Board Memo Size International Edition NASH04US08 Reusable Not


Nu Board Memo Size International Edition NASH04US08 Reusable Not


Product Description

Nu Board International Edition features

Double-layer clear sheet design
Each size comes with eight pages. The Nu Board A4 Size International Edition also employs a double-layer design and includes a translucent sheet on top of each page made of the same material as a clear file, while the Nu Board Memo Size International Edition includes a clear PET sheet between each page (for five sheets in total).
These sheets can be used in a variety of ways only limited by your imagination, including placing documents under clear sheets so non-permanent notes can be made and affixing labels.
Note: The Nu Board Pocket Size International Edition’s binding rings are located at the top to ensure they do not get in the way when writing. The Nu Board Pocket Size International Edition does not include clear overlay sheets.

A variety of sizes for any use
In addition to taking notes, Nu Board is perfect for considering ideas, explaining concepts, and making presentations.
There are three sizes available to suit any need?the Nu Board A4 Size International Edition, Nu Board Memo Size International Edition, and Nu Board Pocket Size International Edition.

  • Nu Board A4 Size International Edition: Individual brainstorming and providing explanations with illustrations
  • Nu Board Memo Size International Edition/Nu Board Pocket Size International Edition: Memos and to-do lists

Comes with whiteboard marker from a renowned company

Comes with Staedtler’s renowned Lumocolor Correctable 305 F pen
All editions come with a Lumocolor Correctable 305 F pen (Nu Board Whiteboard Marker) produced by Staedtler, the world-renowned stationery company.
With a tip just 0.6 mm in size, the Lumocolor Correctable 305 F achieves line thinness heretofore unseen in a whiteboard marker, making it easy to write small letters beautifully and clearly.

A water-based marker that resists smearing
Unlike conventional oil-based whiteboard markers, the Nu Board Whiteboard Marker is water-based and offers superior adhesion to whiteboard surfaces, ensuring that everything you wrote stays clear and easy to read, even when you bring your Nu Board with you.
Note: When ease of erasure is a priority, be sure to use standard commercial whiteboard markers.

  • Boards are made of paper and may deteriorate if very humid or dry. Avoid leaving or storing in a location under the direct airflow of an air conditioner or heater. Doing so may cause curling or warping.
  • The ink of the included marker adheres more strongly than standard whiteboard markers. Erase writing using the eraser on the back of the marker.
  • When erasing writing, use the eraser after ink has dried. Erasing prior to ink drying may cause ink to smear and spread.
  • If excess ink and smudges are extensive, use a whiteboard cleaner or alcohol towelettes.
  • In the event provided marker runs dry, purchase and use a Staedtler Lumocolor Correctable 305 F or other commercially available whiteboard markers.
  • When storing ensure marker is kept horizontal.
  • Included marker holder is attached for display purposes and may be affixed wherever you prefer using double-sided tape or other means.

Made in Japan with sophisticated printing technology

Printing Factory

Nu Board is made with a unique surface treatment technology developed and patented by Obun Printing Company in Japan.
A special varnish is printed onto paper to create paper with the same functionality as any whiteboard.
Since its launch in Japan in 2011, this technology has been featured countless times in television programs, newspapers, and magazines, and has come to be used in a variety of situations, including product planning, sales and marketing, design, programming, and education.

Nu Board Memo Size International Edition NASH04US08 Reusable Not

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