$67 Arena Powerskin ST 2.0 Men's Jammers Racing Swimsuit Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Arena Powerskin ST 2.0 Racing Jammers Men's Swimsuit Excellent $67 Arena Powerskin ST 2.0 Men's Jammers Racing Swimsuit Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness ST,$67,2.0,Powerskin,Men's,www.femalle.net,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Jammers,Arena,/cirrated793216.html,Racing,Swimsuit Arena Powerskin ST 2.0 Racing Jammers Men's Swimsuit Excellent ST,$67,2.0,Powerskin,Men's,www.femalle.net,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Jammers,Arena,/cirrated793216.html,Racing,Swimsuit

Arena Powerskin ST Wholesale 2.0 Racing Jammers Men's Swimsuit Excellent

Arena Powerskin ST 2.0 Men's Jammers Racing Swimsuit


Arena Powerskin ST 2.0 Men's Jammers Racing Swimsuit

Product description

For over 40 years, arena has been developing cutting-edge racing swimwear built on a foundation of in-depth research, technical know-how and an unyielding commitment to quality, achieving the best combination of performance, comfort and durability. Since 2000, the brand’s top-of-the-range POWERSKIN family of suits has constantly set the benchmark for high performance swimwear for all levels of competitions, including Open Water swimming. The continuous involvement of champions swimmers in the development process has produced breakthrough innovations and incremental improvements leading to swimming’s foremost podiums around the world. The Powerskin ST 2.0 marks the next-generation in one of arena’s longest-standing FINA- approved range of racing suits. Building on the original ST’s proven legacy, the 2.0 makes a leap in terms of technology, performance, comfort, and durability, while still retaining the ST’s trademark value-for- money appeal. Manufactured with 3 hi-tech knitted fabrics for improved functionality and resilience, the ST 2.0’s new design boosts core support and compression, and enhances comfort through ergonomic seam placement and reinforced shoulder strap construction, elevating overall performance to a new level when it matters most. The ST 2.0 is also available in sizes for young swimmers. Superior knitted fabrics have been augmented in the ST 2.0 with an extra durable lining to provide outstanding stretch, optimal compression and total freedom of movement. The result is a high- performance suit that minimizes surface drag for exceptional hydrodynamics, and offers unrestricted movement without compromising key muscle support. The new lining brings added technical functionality to the ST 2.0 range. Incorporated into the top front of both the full suit and the jammer, and extending down the back of the leg, the lining provides greater muscle compression for targeted areas, and improves core and leg support, allowing the swimmer to stay stable and strong in the water. The ST 2.0’s shoulder structure features a new design with extra reinforcement in the centre strap. Bolstered by the shell fabric and durable lining, the shoulder strap provides greater support in the shoulders and upper back, enhances the overall fit and feel of the suit, and adds an extra level of durability. In the ST 2.0, the seams have been moved to deliver greater ergonomic qualities, helping with body and leg lift and positioning, while also offering unrestricted biomechanical movement. In addition, flatlock construction of the seams contributes to the suit’s perfect fit, with the seams sitting snugly against the body to help keep optimum shape in the water.

Arena Powerskin ST 2.0 Men's Jammers Racing Swimsuit


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The wild-card Red Sox took a 2-1 edge in the best-of-five matchup. Game 4 is Monday at Fenway Park with Game 5 in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Wednesday, if necessary.

Towns and schools wrestle with the legacy of Columbus

While Columbus Day remains a federal holiday, various organizations and school districts in New London and elsewhere across the state have opted to instead celebrate Indigenous People’s Day.

Special needs support group hosts Halloween event

Brady's Brigade, a support group created for children in the special needs/disability community held its second annual Trick or Trunk event Sunday in Montville.

COVID-19 vaccination rates soar among state's health care workers

Exemptions aside, mostly on religious grounds, rates among hospital staffs climbed into high 90s over three-and-a-half month span.

Raise the rates, don't slow the mail

Consider that for 58 cents, you can send correspondence anywhere in the United States. If we used stamps as currency, it would take four stamps to buy a cup of coffee and 10 to buy a six-pack of beer.

Community college professors say Board of Regents member has conflict of interest

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities defended Board of Regents member David Jimenez, who is also a principal with the Jackson Lewis law firm, which is often hired by the CSCU.

Body found in parking lot of Mystic marina

Stonington police say the death of man whose body was found in the parking lot of Seaport Marine Saturday morning is not considered suspicious.

La Grua Center director resigns

The La Grua Center in the borough has announced it is seeking a new executive director after Lori Robishaw stepped down to take a job in South Carolina

Stonington to begin revaluation process this fall

The reassessment project will establish each property's market value as of Oct. 1, 2022, and be reflected in the tax bills issued in July 2023

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