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Blower Motor Gorgeous Resistors Air Conditioning Max 49% OFF Fan HVAC Heater M

Blower Motor Resistors Air Conditioning Heater Fan HVAC Blower M


Blower Motor Resistors Air Conditioning Heater Fan HVAC Blower M

Product description

The item is the Blower Motor Resistor. It is just what you need to bring your heating and A/C blower system back to good working order! On most vehicles it is mounted to the HVAC unit inside the passenger compartment. It can be accessed from the passenger foot well area.

GUARANTEED - 100% Brand New and tested prior when the Heater Blower Motor was leaving the factory.
EASY INSTALII - Direct Replacement for Heater Blower Motor Regulator
NEW PRODUCT - The Blower Motor is not remanufactured or rebuilt.
QUALITY - High Quality OEM Replacement Blower Motor.
SUITABLE - HVAC Motor Resistor Kit Fits and Quality Guaranteed.

2004-2012 Chevrolet Colorado
2003-2006 Chevrolet SSR
2004-2012 GMC Canyon
2006 Isuzu i-280
2007-2008 Isuzu i-290
2006 Isuzu i-350
2007-2008 Isuzu i-370

If you met those issues,then the blower motor resistor may be your solution!
HVAC Stop working
Fan only works in one direction;
Can't adjust the Air Volume;
Get Warning in dashboard.

Package Including
1* Blower Motor Resistor as the picture

Blower Motor Resistors Air Conditioning Heater Fan HVAC Blower M


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Treasures of Southeastern Connecticut


When Disaster Strikes: Shipwrecks, Storms and Other Calamities in Southeastern Connecticut


First & Finest: The 100-Year History of Naval Submarine Base New London


Looking Back: New London County: Vol. I - The 1860s - 1930s


The Charles W. Morgan: A Picture History of an American Icon


A Pictorial History of: The National Coast Guard Museum


A Generation of Excellence: UConn Women's 30-Year Reign


Looking Back -- New London County: Vol. II - The 1940s, '50s and '60s