Celebrities who have overcome problems with eating disorder

Eating disorders can be dangerous, scary and difficult trials, and no one is immune to them.

Some of the most famous stars have struggled with these issues and speak openly about it.

These celebrities have overcome disorders, many of which are valid for example, for those who are experiencing problems related to nutrition.


Lily Collins

The actress recently said she had a very strong connection with her role in “To The Bone”: “This was a dramatic role for me because I suffered from eating disorders when I was a teenager.”

Demi Lovato

“I’ll lie if I say that there were days when I wanted to stay in bed all day, because I am ashamed of my body. It is a fight that I will probably facing a lifetime. But I have much time left to live and I do not want to spend. “- she said.

Hilary Duff

For the period when she was 18, she says: “I was too weak. It was not healthy for me and I was very unhappy. I remember my hands twitched because not getting enough nutrients. It’s crazy, I do not want to be such, that’s not me. “

Nicole Scherzinger

Since becoming part of the Pussycat Dolls, she faced the biggest battle – 8 years had bulimia.

“It’s so terrible disease and it was very difficult. I thought that none of the group and the family did not know, because I hid it well. I was addicted. I will never let that happen again. “

Jessica Alba

“Many girls have problems with eating disorder and I was part of them. When I moved from the body of a girl in the body of a woman with normal redundancy in some places, I was frightened. “- declares Alba.

Portia de Rossi

She said that she has served  10 days without food. “I’m on a catwalk posing and trying to be sexy, and all other models mock me because of my bushy eyebrows.

When I got in the car after that, I took my favorite candy, I put the whole head in them, and then I said: What have I done? But maybe I ruined my diet. And then I threw up. “

Zoe Kravitz

I think this issue was part of being a woman and you are surrounded by glory. I definitely think that was because I was part of that world and I saw that world. I was under pressure. “- admits the daughter of Lenny Kravitz.


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