Can I get Periods during Pregnancy?

Missing your menstrual periods is one indicator that you may be pregnant. You then cross-check using pregnancy kits (Pregnancy tests at home), blood tests and other methods.

But can you have your menstrual periods when you are pregnant?

No! You can definitely not have periods during pregnancy.

Although, in early pregnancy, some light bleeding, called ‘spotting’, is a sign of foetus implantation in the wall of your womb. This is also known as ‘implantation bleeding’ and usually happens around the time that your first period after conception would have been occurring.


But there may be other reasons for bleeding during pregnancy. So, it is natural to get worried when you see blood spots while you are pregnant.

Vaginal Bleeding during pregnancy

Bleeding during pregnancy occurs for various reasons which would vary as per the gestation period.  These reasons are at times serious, and at times harmless. Few of the reasons are mentioned below.

Bleeding during the first trimester

  1. Implantation bleeding
  2. Miscarriage or Ectopic pregnancy

Vaginal bleeding is a frequent complication during the first trimester, which is more serious in the following trimesters. Hence, it is important to make an appointment with your doctor and find the exact cause of bleeding at the earliest.

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