The beauty of Spain besides Barcelona: Loret de Mar and Santa Susanna

Spain is a country that has beautiful cities and amazing places worth a visit. Barcelona is among the most frequently visited destinations, but besides this dream city there are several more places on the coast of Catalonia.


The Coast of Brava is located in the territory of Catalonia, and extends from Blanes to the border with France. It is famous for its steep relief, the numerous bays and fishing villages.


Costa Brava in translation means Wild Coast, and in this part belongs also the famous tourist place Loret de Mar.


All the beaches in Costa Brava are sandy and wide, so there is a place for all tourists. The day lasts for a long time and you can enjoy it later in the sound of the sea.


Apart from Costa Brava, on the coast of Catalonia there is also Costa del Maresme, where in fact the beautiful tourist destination Santa Susanna belongs.


Just like in Costa Brava and here there are large beaches that can be enjoyed by families and societies that can have fun with the numerous activities that they offer.


And in Costa Brava and in Costa del Maresme, there are many more places to go to, but now we focus on Loretta de Mar and Santa Susanna.


Loret de Mar

The most famous tourist resort in Costa Brava with many hotels, shops, restaurants, cafes, beautiful beaches and streets filled with “rivers” by tourists.

Colors, flavors, scents, music are part of the things that enjoy about 1.5 million tourists who visit this place each year.

However, what attracts young people most is the rich night life with disco and bars running in full steam

Among the local sights is the chapel built in a modernist style in the center of the city, in the vicinity of which is the old Catalan Gothic church from the 16th century. On the promenade there is also the Museum of the Sea (Museo del Mar), which represents significant moments from the maritime history of this place.

Santa Susanna

Because of the proximity, many people think that Santa Susanna also belongs to the Costa Brava, but this is not true. This beautiful place, part of the Costa del Maresme, is located 60 km from Barcelona, offering 2 km wide beaches with clear golden sand, pine forest and many water sports activities.

Here you will find a large selection of restaurants with local and international cuisine, and in the nightlife can enjoy young companies, couples and even families have some interesting things.

The old town is distinguished by narrow streets and historic buildings and monuments, and moving to the sea you will feel as if you were transported in a modern environment with rich restaurants, shops and sports facilities.

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