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MissShorthair Girls Swim Cover Up Beach Swimwear Coverup Swimsui


MissShorthair Girls Swim Cover Up Beach Swimwear Coverup Swimsui


Product Description

This girls beach coverup is part of our 100% MissShorthair's collection, featuring exclusive pieces you won't find anywhere else.

girls swim coverup

Fashion design, 100% Brand New, good quality!

  • Style: Beach Cover Up
  • Material: 100% viscose
  • Sizes: 3-13 Years
  • Occasion: This girls cover ups for swimwear is perfect for summer holidays, tropical vacations, swimming, pool activities, parties, photography etc.

Tailored in a relaxed fit for easy layering over her favorite swimsuits, the girls cover up is full of fun details she'll love, like the breezy caftan silhouette, dainty V-neck, which are complemented by the tassel trim on the sides in coordinating colors for a playful pop.


girls swim coverup
girls swim coverup

MissShorthair Girls Swim Cover Up Beach Swimwear Coverup Swimsui

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BLACKBURN: 01254 277135

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