Attractive couple travels around the world and earns $ 9,000 for a post on Instagram

Jack Morris and Lauren Bulen met at Fiji about a year ago, and already are living their dream.

The attractive couple, who lives on the island of Bali, are traveling to an exotic places around the world, documenting his adventures with photographs which are breathtaking. Because they have built millions network of fans on Instagram, Jack and Lauren earning up to $ 9,000 for a declaration of the popular social network.

Here you can see all photos that are publish on their Instagram Profile and all that its their work.

They earn from advertising of certain brands and the travel agencies often cover the cost of travel.

Recently, Jack revealed little tricks that help to create the perfect photo. “Mostly we want to photograph about an hour after sunrise. In this time of the day there are not many people in the locations that receive many visits. “- revealed the 26-year-old adventurer, who has visited 45 countries.

“I never expected to find someone with whom I can share this. Almost looks like a dream. It’s wonderful when you have the opportunity every day to do what you love “- adds he about the life with his 24-year-old girlfriend Lauren.


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