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“Get a fitness tracker or pedometer and make sure you’re getting 10k steps per day. If you find that easy, up it to 12k! When you’re walking enough and eating well, that’s enough to get you in pretty good health.

When you’re ready to take things next level, have a look for group training facilities close to your house, whether it’s a boot camp or indoor studio, from circuits to cycling.

Trust me, it’s SO much easier to just show up, socialise and do the workout the trainer prescribes with 20 other people in the room sweating up a storm than it is walking in to a random big gym and thinking, “What the heck should I do today!?”.

If there are no handy group training gyms near you, head online and sign up for a fitness program you can do from home, or at your local big gym. There are so many out there, for all sorts of people!

Girls can train with me at THE UPBEAT (try our foundation program BUF Body) and for the guys, there’s AthleanX or Daily Burn, plus so many others, all you’ve got to do is jump on to Google and start exploring ;)”

Originally posted 2017-06-04 06:08:37.

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