Acne During Period – 4 Remedies to Start Today

Have you noticed hormonal fluctuations in your acne (including chest acne, acne on your chin, jawline acne, back acne, acne during ovulation and period)? Do you get cystic acne during your period? Why do periods cause acne anyway? Do you want to know how to get rid of acne during your period?

Do you long for clear skin? If so, it’s time to develop your own plan of how to reduce acne during your period. Once you have a plan, you can get busy.

What will you do when this happens to you? That’s where you have to think outside the box. Use a bigger picture of health instead of a smaller picture of the acne on your face.

For now, you’ll see three acne remedies from the smaller picture – numbers 1,2 and 3 – and then one larger picture remedy – number 4 on the list below. See which ones work for you, and don’t be afraid to use more than one.

How to Control Acne During Periods

If you have 4 menstrual acne remedies, you will have enough to draw upon the next time you get acne during menstruation. You’ll learn how to prevent acne during your period. Some of the acne remedies are home remedies. You won’t need to go to the medical doctor to access any of these acne solutions.

1. Zinc Supplements

Zinc is super important for the skin. It activates hundreds of enzymes in the body, many that have to do with skin, hair and nails. Zinc supplements come in different forms – sulfate, gluconate and citrate. Any of them work for your skin, and the most important thing to know is the dosage and how often to take it.

Your skin will do well with 50 mg zinc twice daily for a few weeks, and then decrease it to only one dose a day. Ideally, you’ll want to get your blood levels of zinc tested first before starting zinc therapy.

The reason for this is because if you have too much zinc in the body, it will deplete your copper levels. This will leave you with fatigue and even anemia. As an alternative, you could even open up the zinc supplements, and mix the zinc with water and use it as a paste on your skin where the acne is.

This will work as well, but the reason why you have acne could be related to a zinc deficiency so you still will need it orally. Make acne during your menstrual cycle a thing of the past with zinc supplements.

2. Alcohol Dabs On the Zit

A brand new emerging zit hates alcohol. By using a q-tip soaked in alcohol, simply dab the zit with the q-tip. Soak it and call it a day. The pimple should start to dry up. The only problem with this home remedy is that it can be drying to your skin.

3. Cat’s Claw capsules

Cat’s claw is beneficial because it works against the bacteria that causes acne. It also decreases inflammation. This is a winning combination! Use 2 capsules 500 mg each three times a day. In fact, using more could even help a lot. Cat’s claw’s official name is Uncaria tomentosa. It’s an herb that lives in the rainforests of the world.

4. Period Vitamin

Period Vitamin is a complete combination of vitamins and minerals needed for the reproductive tract of women who are in the childbearing years. Think about it. If you aren’t getting all the vitamins and minerals your reproductive tract needs, then what’s going to happen over time? Your levels will go down, of course. One thing that’s true about having all the vitamins and minerals in the right ratios in your body is that as a whole they discourage the growth of bacteria. And it’s bacteria that causes the acne on your face.

The Period Vitamin is only taken once a day. It’s 2 tables, once a day. Easy to do.

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