9 Tricks How To Hide Fatigue With Makeup

A bad night, a holiday or a week of hard work has you tired, you got up with red, swollen and smaller eyes. Well, do not worry, with a few simple makeup tricks you can look better. Here, we’ll show you how to hide fatigue with makeup. Read on.

How To Hide Fatigue With Makeup


It is essential to eliminate dark circles because they make your eyes look more muted. You must apply a concealer that suits your skin tone to hide the dark area and light to your eyes.

Choose a yellow tone to brighten and counteract the bluish and purple spots in this area.


When you notice the closed eye, apply an illuminating touch on the lacrimal to give light to your eyes.

Eyelash Curler

It provides a more open look and makes your eyes look bigger. The fatigue or the passage of time makes the eyes look smaller. The mascara will be a great ally, as long as you use it correctly.


To give strength to the root of the eyelashes and make them look thicker, draw a fine line with black liquid eyeliner along the base of the upper lashes.

Red Eyes

If you have a glassy eye due to fatigue or even redness, apply a white or nude pencil on the line inside the eye.

Metallic Shadows

Use eye shadows with touches of brightness. Use a dark color on the root of eyelashes and outer corners of the eye and make it melt with your shadow.

Forget the pink, purple or lavender shades and pastels in general.

Define The Eyebrows

Lift the shape of your eyebrows to expand your look. You must define and mark the upper part of the eyebrow. Use a pencil the color of your eyebrow or a tone underneath and fill in small bald if you have.


Use cheerful lipsticks Coral, orange, pink chewing gum or neon and even red, in any of its versions.


Use light formulas such as BB Cream or moisturizers with color. Make sure that to hydrate your skin very well before you start to make up.

Originally posted 2019-06-15 11:01:25.

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