7 signs of child health that you should not ignore

When something happens to a child, then parents also experience a difficult experience with their child

But many troubles can be avoided if the symptoms are recognized on time.


Therefore, read these 7 signs that are important for the child’s health and you should not ignore them.

Although it does not necessarily mean that these signs always mean something serious, because they are sometimes quite normal, it’s better to be sure and consult a doctor.

1.Growing of mushrooms

If an asymmetric stain with an unusual color, large more than 6 mm, appears on the child’s body, or if an existing mole begins to grow, it is a sign that you should take it to the doctor.

2.Hair loss

The source of this problem is most often hidden inside the body, and the main cause may be a lack of vitamins. To find the right cause, it is necessary to visit a doctor.

3.Change in mood and behavior

Sudden decrease in appetite, sleep problems or decreased movement are important signs that you should take your child to your pediatrician.


4.Increase your head

The fontanelle is absolutely normal in babies and will eventually close, but if it continues to grow, then it may be a sign of something else. To find out, consult with experts.

5.Reduced hearing

If the child does not respond to the requests and does not answer even when you call him by name, then there may be hearing problems. To be sure, consult your doctor.

6.Permanent thirst

The frequent request and the desire of a child to drink liquids may turn out to be a sign of another problem. Since you can not be sure if this is the case or is just a coincidence, ask your doctor.

Loud twitching in a dream

The silent sweating of children in a dream is not a dangerous sign. But if it starts to release strong sounds during sleep, there may be some breathing problems. Do not ignore this sign.

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