6 most common mistakes women make with their underwear

You pass by the store for lingerie and instantly view  beautiful silk lace panties and a bra?

The truth is that these materials are undeniably beautiful in appearance and touch. But when it comes to sensitive skin and women’s intimate health, it should not be your first choice when buying lingerie.

Did happen to you to forget and wear the same underpants two days in a row? This is just one of the mistakes that women make when choosing and wearing lingerie:

Daily wear thong panties

The truth is that tangue contribute to the occurrence of intimate infections such notorious bacterium E. coli. Limit them a few hours a day if you really can not do without them and make sure the inner part is cotton.

You do not give preference to cotton underwear

As we said, nothing compares with the silk underwear, but this type  it for special occasions. When it comes to everyday underwear, favor 100% cotton.

Do not change your underwear after exercising

After all the hard training, you run to change the sweaty shirt, but the truth is that preference should be given to the underwear. Infections and bacteria develop in warm, moist and dark place, sweaty tights or tracksuit quite match the description.


You use too aggressive powder and softener washing

All those perfumed colored detergent for clothes look are a great idea, but not when it comes to maintaining the delicate underwear. The truth is that chemicals containing these products can sometimes irritate the vagina, where the skin is most sensitive.

Purchase premium underwear

If you underwear tightening or leaving traces and redness of your skin means that they are too small, thus exposing the intimate part of vaginal infections and skin rashes.

Always buy the correct underwear.

Again dress already worn panties

In a hurry to go out and suddenly you realize that there is no pair of clean underwear.

Once completed the trash racks that means dirty and an excellent source of bacteria, although they capsized upside down from the “clean side”.

Gynecologists often advised to sleep without underwear. If you still can not do without them, now is the time for comfortable cotton “grandma” panties.

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