5 things that you are wasting your valuable time

Time is money, and the life- short. Do not waste it on things that you ennoble.

As much as you try to reduce your obligations, your time passes at the speed of light, and you could not even be done the way you want?

Good organization is key to quality filled day, and even more important to dispose of life, or at least to minimize the activities that are completely tiresome, and spent a lot of time and energy.

These are the five most common activities that are just a waste of time:

   1Analyze the past

Neither can return to the past, nor to change what has already been done. Therefore, once you start thinking about things that have already happened and thoroughly analyzed, stop immediately! Switch to the present and do something useful.

   2. Sroll on social networks

Useless scroll of social networks has grown to taint the current time, and eats away hours and hours that you might spend on a real relaxation, exercise, socializing with dear people or learning new skills.

   3. Forcing a link that leads nowhere

No matter whether it is friendship or love affair, think of one thing – you can not force anyone to love you, and that’s totally fine.

4. Inventing problems that have not yet occurred

Be realistic, even if you happen something wrong in the future, do you have it to spend time in the present?

5. Endless watching TV

Of course you can view your favorite series or an interesting film, but if every day you spend five or more hours in front of the TV, then you could certainly much smarter to spend time.

Unlike the five activities that are useless, offering double the things that is always wise to spend time: (1) learning new skills (foreign languages, martial arts, cooking, driving lessons, dance …) ( 2) hanging out with friends, (3) sharing beautiful moments with family, (4) helping others, (5) exercise, (6) making love, (7) the preparation of projects for which you excel at work (8) exercise, (9) meditation and resting in the full sense of the word (10) friendship with pets.

Do you have something to add to the list?

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