5 Step you should do every night to avoid wrinkles

The face needs constant care to maintain elasticity, especially after the age of 25 when the first wrinkles begin to appear, as the body produces less collagen.

However, if every dinner always follows these 5 rules, you will have more youth with you. Here’s what to do every night:

Step 1 

Wash your face thoroughly with the specific detergent for your skin type. If you do not wash your face at dinner, the pores will be loaded with dirt and being clogged, will not allow the skin to cool down.

Step 2

Rinse with lukewarm water because it dilates the veins and improves blood circulation freely.

Step 3 

Rinse well with cold water. After warm water, rinsing with cold water is a kind of gymnastics because it tightens the skin and restores it to its previous state.

Step 4

Dry with a clean towel. If it is harsh, so much the better, because the towel removes dead cells from the face.

Step 5

Use moisturizer. It is very important to use moisturizer after washing to keep the face soft, but also to nourish with vitamins, such as C and E, because they regenerate the skin and prevent wrinkles.

Originally posted 2020-12-02 17:52:28.

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