5 Signs You’re Lacking in Vitamin D and Get More Without Baking in the Sun

Vitamin D is in a group of seven vitamins that are synthesized in the skin under the influence of the sun, or in direct contact with ultraviolet rays. It can be found in food such as fish oil, meat, milk, and dairy products, mushrooms. But there are clear signs you’re lacking Vitamin D and maybe yo don’t even know it.

Vitamin D plays an important role in maintaining the body’s calcium concentration, contributes to stronger bones and healthy teeth, but also improves muscle strength.

Signs You’re Lacking in Vitamin D

1. Bone fracture

The organism ceases to produce bone mass in the 30th year of life, and the lower presence of vitamin D will accelerate and worsen the onset of symptoms of osteoporosis. Therefore, it should not be surprising for people who have less vitamin D that they have a frequent occurrence of a bone fracture than those who have a sufficient amount of vitamin.

2. Bone pain

Subtle, but permanent pain in the bones and joints may be a consequence of medical illnesses such as arthritis, osteomalacia, or fibromyalgia. For this unpleasant feeling may be the fault of vitamin D deficiency.

3. Bad mood

Clinical depression in most cases is directly related to vitamin D deficiency. Although there is no clear evidence of this, experts believe that the lack of this vitamin affects the secretion and amounts of the hormone serotonin, which determines the mood of the people

4. Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating has many reasons, and one of them is the lack of these important constituents in the human body. If your face is shining with the great amount of sweat that is secreted even when your body is still, you are in a moderate cold environment, and the body temperature is no greater than 37 degrees Celsius, consider a test that will reveal how much vitamin D you have in your body.

5. Weakness and fatigue

If you feel tired and faint even after a quality eight-hour sleep, you may suffer from a lack of vitamin D. Good news? In just half a year, muscle weakness can be restored using supplements that contain vitamin D.

If you want to increase the level of vitamin D in your body, in a healthy and natural way, you need to regularly consume the following 4 products:


The most effective way to increase vitamin D by diet is eating fish. Especially useful for this purpose are salmon and tuna.

By eating only 100g of salmon you enter the body’s 11mg vitamin D, which is almost the recommended daily dose for people from 1 to 70 years, 12.5mg. The fish is also good for the brain, and for the healthy work of the heart.


The eggs, especially the egg yolk, are also a great choice if you want to increase your vitamin D levels.

By eating a large egg you enter 1 mg vitamin D. These protein mini-meals are actually essential for the immune system. But also of great importance for the development of the brain. The egg yolk contains pigments called carotenoids (especially lutein and zeaxanthin) that help for a better look.


If you want to eat high-protein foods rich in nutrients, it’s time to give a chance to the liver.

Despite the fact that 100 g of liver contains 1 mg vitamin D. One serving of this meal contains almost the full recommended dose of vitamin B12, vitamin A, riboflavin, and copper.

Orange juice

One glass of orange juice contains nearly 20 IU (0.5 mg) of vitamin D. More than the intake of the same amount of milk.

This is also enough for you to receive the recommended daily dose of Vitamin C. So be careful how much orange juice you consume.

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