5 Mistakes for Which Women often Have Problems With Intimate Health

The ntimate zone is one of the most sensitive of the female body. It is necessary to be well informed to avoid suffering from infections and other health problems.

Unfortunately, consciously or unconsciously, these 5 mistakes women make very often.

 1. Fragrances and perfume

Most Intimate Care offer a  perfumed smell, but what you actually need to look for is a neutral pH value, not the smell of flowers or vanilla. When you use gels and other cosmetic products with aggressive smells, you are destroying  the natural balance.

 2. Direct water jet

This is an important rule – did not aim the water directly to the intimate parts.

 3. Food

Salty and overly sweet foods make imbalance of acidity of the body, so you can easily distort pH and intimate parts. To be saved daily consume yogurt, apple cider vinegar, unsweetened cranberry juice, soy products and garlic.

4. Tight underwear

Tanga panties just like those of lace are wonderful, but you can do more harm than good. They do not allow the skin to breathe, so it becomes humid place susceptible to the spread of bacteria. Rely on cotton and comfortable underwear.

 5. Changing sanitary pads

During the menstrual cycle, it is important to keep an eye on hygiene pads and tampons or time interval that change. Specifically, you can change every 2 hours or after each toilet. Forget austerity in this case.

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