5 Habits You Must Change To Prevent Belly Fat

For most people, having a fat belly is undesirable because it makes the body look bad and disturbs health. Because it makes the body posture seems out of control. Even though your body weight is ideal, it is not guaranteed to be released from a distended belly. There are various factors that cause belly fat, including your habits. Here are five of them that we might not realize and we should avoid. What are the 5 bad habits that should be avoided? Let’s see the lists.

1. Less Sleep

We all know that the healthy standard of sleep for adults is 7-8 hours every night? However, because of our daily activities, often getting enough sleep is quite rare in our daily lives. When sleeping, our body produces the hormone leptin, which functions to regulate thirst and hunger. 

So, when we sleep less, these hormones are not produced regularly, so we often feel hungry or thirsty. A study from the University of Pennsylvania, USA proved that someone who sleeps less tends to consume 500 more calories than people who sleep well.

2. Having A Posting Body Posture

Without us knowing it, we are often in a position to lean over when doing activities, especially when standing or sitting. Having a body posture that tends to bend can make our abdominal muscles loose, which accumulate belly fat. Although the sitting or standing upright position is rather tiring, we can get used to it.  Getting used to an upright posture can also train our abdominal muscles to be tighter and able to support the entire body.

It’s easy: when sitting, we can support the body with a cushion in the chair that helps the body stay upright. When standing, we can lean on the wall and attach the entire back and head to get used to standing upright.

3. Excessive Stress

Although we often experience stress in our daily lives, it is also worth remembering that excessive stress is not good for our health and can cause our stomach to swell. When stressed, our body produces the hormone cortisol. According to research from University College London, someone with high cortisol levels usually has a larger waist because this hormone keeps our body in a state of tension so that it is unable to perform normal functions such as managing body fat normally.

Also, it is not uncommon for us to also tend to eat more when experiencing stress. So that makes us consume more calories than our needs. Therefore, we must often do self-relaxation such as meditating to prevent the stomach from becoming distended.

4. Drinking Less Water

When you are too thirsty, can your brain send signals and cause hunger when you are thirsty? Yes, when the body is in a state of lack of fluids, a part of the brain called the hypothalamus will send a hunger signal that is so confused that it is often confused with thirst.

So, often the hunger that we feel is not due to lack of food, but because we need water. But, drinking too much water can also disrupt the function of organs such as the kidneys. So, you should drink enough water – in the recommended range of 6-8 glasses per day.

5. Never Workout

Often we leave the habit of exercising because we don’t have the time or are constrained by the expensive class costs at the gym. Rarely exercise is one of the main factors causing distended belly. When exercising, we burn fat in the body while strengthening our muscles, so that fat mass is replaced with healthier muscle mass.

Also, exercise can make cardiovascular functions and other bodily functions such as digestion and detoxification of the body more smoothly. We do not need to exercise for a long time to feel the benefits. With 7-15 minutes of exercise, we can already feel the benefits on bodies.

Exercise also does not have to be expensive. Now there are many applications that offer promos so that the cost of exercise in the gym becomes cheaper. One of them is Cashbac – an app that provides instant cashback for every transaction at various merchants, including in the gym. So, friend, there is no more excuse for not exercising. So, which of the above habits is still your friend? It’s time to change before your stomach becomes distended and your health is disrupted.

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