5 Fashion Trends That Are Totally Out This Summer


Wider and straighter jeans seem to be more of the trend this coming season.

Data from The RealReal supports this theory. A representative from the consignment e-tailer stated:


Although we will always have a place for skinny jeans in our closet, the ‘go-wide’ has resonated in all silhouettes from cropped to long with search up 87 percent month over month.


Anything that consists of fringe or flannel is totally out this coming season.

Opt for belted maxi dresses with chunky black sandals or slides and avoid gladiator sandals and oversized sunnies.


While this may have been a staple to any girls summer wardrobe in prior years, it’s time to finally ditch the peasant tops.


All black is for colder seasons like Fall and Winter, so let’s keep that look back there. Warmer seasons should be about experimenting with color and having fun. This season you can expect bold colors to replace pastels.


While we do still love the occasional slip dress, the overall look of wearing lingerie as outerwear is a dud.

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