How to lose weight remove these 5 Everyday Habits that Increase your Weight

Even though you have not boiled a soda sandwich for a long time, you avoid fried and practice physical activity, you notice that the kilograms “do not move”.

In that case, make sure you do not have any of these five habits that unconsciously delineate you:

1. Sleep too much

When you sleep a little, the body produces larger amounts of stress hormone, and as a result you have an increased appetite. But drinking too much is no better. According to many studies, sleeping longer than 10 hours can increase fat in the body. It is therefore recommended to sleep between 7 and 9 hours.

2.Wake up in the dark

Open the blinds before you get ready and ready. Studies show that light from the morning sun accelerates metabolism and helps the body awake.

3. Do not set the bed

It sounds strange, but it’s true. People who place beds in general have a better dream. And, a better dream is the only way to live healthier.

4.You forget to measure

The best time to get to the scales is in the morning before you slam or drink anything. Since you lose a certain amount of water in the evening, measuring in the morning can be motivating.

5. Your breakfast is unpretentious

Get rich with a nice and plentiful breakfast. A balanced breakfast should contain about 600 calories and pure protein, carbohydrates. Do not be afraid to bite something sweet in the morning.

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