4 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Need sex Every Day

Conceiving a child and  the gift of motherhood is the greatest joy that a woman can experience.

Many women are happy with the changes that have experienced their body during pregnancy.

However, on the other hand some women pregnancy is a burden that must carry.

One thing is certain. Pregnancy is not exactly easy. Namely to carry a child for nine months can be quite stressful.

Most women believe that they should not have sex while they are pregnant, but that is not true.

Studies show that sex during pregnancy will probably be the best sex you’ll ever have.


1. Lower blood pressure

Sex during pregnancy can help reduce blood pressure. Oxytocin, or better known as the hormone of love, which is released during sex greatly reduces stress. This hormone will help you get rid of all the tension. You should know that sex during pregnancy will make you feel calmer and most importantly will reduce the risk of heart attack.

2. Provides restful sleep

As already known during pregnancy, women face many difficulties such as back pain, frequent urination and many sleepless hours. After sex falling asleep is much easier. That is why sex during pregnancy is good and contributes to better sleep.

3. Increases intimacy

Sex during pregnancy increases intimacy between partners. Many men think that women are very rough at this time and therefore avoid sex. However, this is not true. The truth is that during pregnancy the release of oxytocin makes pregnant women be more inclined to offer support and trust.

4. Reduces Pain

You need to know that sex during pregnancy helps reduce pain. Certain hormones such as prolactin and progesterone will increase blood flow to the pelvic area and increase sensitivity.

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