4 Fastest Ways to Lose Weight without Losing Patience

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Makeup, beauty, fashion, all might matter to you, but toned body always takes over these materialistic products as these products can hide your imperfections, but cannot correct them forever. In the hustle bustle of life, when workload and family pressures already preoccupy you, maintaining a healthy weight is quite tough and losing weight is almost a remote thing.

In order to shed those oodles of fat, you go to the gym, consume crash diets and do whatever possible. After doing all these, when you still don’t shed weight, it becomes extremely frustrating and challenging for you to deal with the situation as nothing seems to work. Have you ever endeavored to sit back and think that why nothing seems to work for you despite taking many efforts and consuming the right diet?

I have the answer to your question. It is because you might be consuming the healthiest of diet, but the timings of its consumption must be odd. For example, you might be consuming cheese during night hours when it shouldn’t be, as no heavy food should be eaten post sunset. Most of you cut off fats totally from your diets, such as Ghee, Butter, Paneer, all of which are much essential to provide you with the optimum and the healthiest of fatty acids.

Before discussing the 4 ways to shed weight faster, I would like to tell you the importance and the type of diets that you should consume.

First of all, do not cut down on fats totally as they are much required for your body, and do not forget that fats bring that glow on your face that you crave for.

Second, vitamin B12 is one of the most essential vitamins that you shouldn’t skip as it is much needed to convert fats into energy. Cheese, eggs, shellfish are a few examples of vitamin B12 rich food.

Always pay attention to the portions that you are consuming. For example, count the number of pizza slices and count on the calories that you’re consuming. It will help you the next day while working out as you will know roughly that how many extra calories you require to burn.

Have a check on your sleeping timings. Jot down when you’re sleeping and getting up in the morning. Sleeping timings have a great impact on the weight loss program.

Now comes the real part of the story- the four principles of eating right, which will help you in not just shedding the weight faster, but will also help you in having  a healthy and toned body with no stretch marks here and there due to muscle contraction and relaxation.


1. Do not Depend on Tea or Coffee as Your Wake Up Drink

A lot of people must be getting offended by the principle, but this is something that will always work in your body’s favor. Almost all of us have a habit of drinking a cup of tea or coffee, which we call ‘bed tea’ and do anything post that. It is the biggest blunder that you commit as it is hindering your weight loss process as you’re consuming sugar as the first thing in the morning. When you fall asleep, sugar levels in your body are extremely low, and liver is almost empty without any sugars in it. It is your responsibility to bring the level to an optimum level and not raise it beyond the level.

Hence, I would suggest you to have fruits as the first thing in the morning or anything solid that has no sugars or contains natural sugars. It keeps acidity and bloating at bay and also keeps you fresh the whole day. Try it out!!


2. Do not Skip Meals

A yet another blunder that most of people commit is to skip meals to shed weight as they have a misconception that if they do fasting or skip meals, it helps them to lose weight faster. Let me give you an example of much popular diet by one of the leading motor company’s diet given to its employees to stay fit. It is nothing but a typical crash diet. It will definitely assist you lose weight faster, but will also make you gain the double weight in no time, believe me!

The other thing is that you shouldn’t skip meals and eat quite often like every 2 hours. It is the most efficacious way to shed weight. It will keep your stomach fuller than before, as it will divide your meals into many small portions, and you won’t hog sticking to only 3 meals. Besides, when you eat after every 2 hours, you eat in small portions, which do not put much burden on your stomach to digest the food under pressurized circumstances.


3. Quantity to Eat

There are a lot of times when you do not know that what you’re eating and how much you’re eating, but you still eat for no reason. Sometimes you eat while watching a movie, sometimes whilst getting bored. Food is certainly not the mode of entertaining you and shouldn’t be eaten or consumed for idiotic reasons. You should have more food when you’re involved in more physical work, and lesser while not active physically. You should always eat in balanced quantity, as eating lesser is punishing your stomach and overeating is certainly a crime.


4. Have Your Last Meal at Least 2 Hours Prior to Sleep

As the principle has stated itself, I don’t need to elaborate much on this. Eating 2 hours before you go to sleep gives your stomach enough time to digest the food efficiently, which will not only help to burn fat faster, but also help you in having a sound sleep.

Here are a few diet samples I’m sharing with you that will prove to be beneficial for you in shedding weight, without shedding your confidence and patience.

Diet 1:

7:00 AM– A bowl of papaya

8:00 AM– Cornflakes with skimmed milk or muesli with milk

10:00 AM– A handful of almonds or Brazil nuts

12:00 AM– A cheese slice/cube (preferably made from cow’s milk)

2:00 PM– Your regular lunch

4:00 PM– A bowl of yogurt

6:00 PM– Coconut water

8:00 PM– Your regular dinner (have a bowl of soup and lentils as a part of your main course dinner)

Diet 2:

6:00 AM– 2 oranges or a bowl of mangoes

7:00 AM– Upma, Idli, Poha, Oats (any of them)

9:00 AM– Roti + Sabzi or Parantha (if you have been consuming it in breakfast, then it is absolutely okay to consume it)

11:00 AM– Yogurt

1:00 PM– Lunch (as usual)

3:00 PM– Cheese

5:00 PM– A handful of nuts and dry fruits

7:00 PM– A bowl of soup

9:00 PM– Brown rice with curry or lentil of your choice

So, you can choose from these meal samples or customize as per your needs, but take care that you count on the calories you’re consuming, so that you don’t end up putting more weight instead of losing it

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