30 Wise Lessons Every Mother Should Tell Her daughter

Each mother-daughter relationship is complex, magical and unique as a snowflake. Mothers can sympathize with their “princesses” and firmly to stand up against them to hold valuable lessons.

Well, what are the things that every mother should teach her daughter? The list it’s endless, but we must start from somewhere….daughter quotes …daughter and mother quotes….

  1. Always be curious, sometimes be selfish, but never naive.
  2. You will receive sincere compliments when someone wants to use you. Learn to distinguish one from the other.
  3. Tend not to look like girls from magazines and advertisements. They are not real. Skin pore? Funny. Ignore the small imperfection, we all have them. Perfection does not exist, but for some people (like me) you’re perfect.
  4. Whenever you see an attractive lady, give her a compliment. Do not be like the girls / women who would maliciously looked at her faults. Denigration of others does not increase your value.
  5. Feminist is not a bad word.
  6. Chivalry is not dead. Choose life companion who respect you, who will open the door and you will see the sparkle in his eyes while you are talking about your passions and interests.
  7. If a man buys you a drink or dinner, do not feel like you owe him something.
  8. Do not make excuses for your tastes in music, movies, clothes. Drink beer if you like beer, drink whiskey if you want whiskey drink “Cosmopolitan” If you want “Cosmopolitan”.
  9. They say the taste is not discussed. You like romantic comedies? Who says you need to enjoy electronic music? Listen to music you want to dance, watch films you admire. Do not let stereotypes and expectations of others to dictate your taste.
  10. Wear it with pride your every kilo if you are happy with the figure. If not, do not wait for tomorrow or Monday. Start exercise now.

  1. People will disappoint you, you will be heartbroken many times. Eat chocolate.
  2. You will never be 100% sure that the right time for marriage or children is now. Do not wait to get the perfect day, plan a little more and just jump into this adventure.
  3. Learn to say “no.” Do not allow people to take advantage of your kindness.
  4. Do not feel compelled to apologize that you said “NO”. Just say “No” without further explanation and apology. Sometimes people exaggerate with their claims. Stand behind your choices without feeling guilty.
  5. But not accept “no” for an answer when it comes to things you love. Be persistent, do not give up when the first door closes. PROCEED to fight with all your strength.
  6. Do not compare yourself to anyone.
  7. You are a person, not a number – any number that tells the age or number on the scale, or the number of the bank, nor the number of partners.
  8. Learn to cook at least 2-3 meals like a professional chef. Is there a greater pleasure than to watch friends or family to satiate your specialties? Trust me, you will not regret it.
  9. Extreme diets are never a good idea.
  10. You will never be able to forget your first boyfriend, so give yourself the freedom to be picky. Without pressure from the surrounding area. Follow your heart.
  11. You can show your charms when your body is covered with clothes every centimeter of it.
  12. Do not give a detailed report to your friends about your affair, sex life or problems with your partner. Safeguard your private life behind the curtains.
  13. Do not gossip others just to fit in a particular company.
  14. Each runs its own battle with life, remember it.
  15. Read books, many books. You will relax, educate yourself, you will improve as a person. Read biographies and autobiographies. They will inspire, motivate and will reveal many secrets of life.
  16. Eloquence will take you away. Refined expression will help you win many battles.
  17. Magic style formula: Black dress + red lipstick = instant timeless glamor.
  18. It’s okay to have your secrets. I do not have to know every detail of your life. As long as you happy, proud of what you’re doing and move on the right path, I will stand behind the red lines that you draw.
  19. There is nothing wrong with you not agreeing with the people. Build your own attitudes and values ​​and do not be afraid to share them. Just remember that sometimes others do not agree with you.
  20. You will always be my daughter. I will always be here for you. My home is yours. Forever.

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