3 Problems that Threaten you, if you do not Brush Your Tongue

Our mouth is home to more than 700 species of bacteria, and a significant number of them are retained in the tongue.

For this reason it is very important to maintain proper hygiene.

These are problems that may occur if you do not wash your teeth while washing your teeth:

1-Unpleasant breath

Problem number one if the language is not washed is bad breath. This happens when a large number of bacteria accumulate in the tongue, creating a bad breath. The bacteria that cause bad breath are at the end of the tongue, so it is especially important to wash that part of the tongue for permanent relief from bad breath.

2-Relaxed taste receptors

If you do not wash your tongue, a layer of bacteria, food residues, dead cells, and so on. They can cover the taste receptors and thus reduce the taste for a certain degree. If every washing of teeth washes and the tongue, these receptors will be returned to the top form.


Bacteria that accumulate in the tongue can spread to the teeth and cause inflammation. If the inflammation is not treated, it can cause a more severe condition, that is, paradentosis, with the gums pulling out of the teeth and an infection can occur. The consequence of a more serious paradentosis may be tooth decay.

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