28Day Plank Challenge To Remove Belly Fat, Arms and Thighs

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#We are here today to present you with a popular plank challenge that will aid with removing the fat from the belly and back. This challenge has become really popular lately.

@What it contains of is one exercise only that you would need to do daily, however, you will increase the time of the exercise day by day. @In turn, this will help you build in your core, which will help you to complete the last day of the challenge really easily.

Help Yourself With This Plank Challenge

@You only need to do this challenge for 28 days. Nevertheless, if you are feeling brave, you can repeat each challenge# as much times as you would life. #However, remember that day 28 will be very difficult to do it many times. Just try this challenge and increase your core muscles to the fullest.

#28-Day Plank Challenge

1. In the first two days you need to do the plank for 20 seconds. Then take it up to 30 seconds on days 3 and 4.2. On day 5, you need to hold it for 40 seconds.3. Then, take a break on the 6th day and on days 7 and 8, hold it for 45 seconds.4. On days from 9 to 11, you need to keep it for a minute.

5. On day 12, you have to do it for 90 seconds.

6. Day 13 will be another day of rest and then you continue with 90 seconds on day 14 and 15.

7. On days 16 and 17, you need to reach 120 seconds.

8. On day 18 you need to hold the plank for 150 seconds and on the 19th you need to rest.

9. On days 20 and 21 you will need to hold it for 150 seconds.

10. On day 22 and 23 you need to hold it for 180 seconds and on day 24 you need to do it for 210.

11. Take the 25th day to rest and do 210 seconds on the 26th.

12. Day 27 is 240 seconds and day 28 you can do it for as long as you would like.

#How Does This Work?

#The plank will work on the abs, obliques, back and hips. It is the most effective exercise in toning the abdomen. Actually, the plank will strengthen the whole body due to the fact that it will activate the muscles not just in the core, but the limbs too.
Therefore, this is definitely an exercise you should add to your routine. #The plank will help you immensely, just make sure you are doing it right.

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