21-Day Walking Plan That Will Help You Lose Weight

The modern day way of life has pushed us into some strange state of physical laziness. Somehow, physical activity is not “cool” anymore. It’s more socially acceptable to just say that you don’t care about sports and the state of your physical condition than to go to the gym every day. I am sometimes ashamed to say that I love weightlifting.

The other day one of my neighbors stopped me in the middle of the street. He wanted to ask me if “all that” was either a product of some pills or a workout… Years of difficult workouts and the guy asks me if I cheated… Well, the bottom line is that people simply forgot what is it like to actually work out. They think that all you have to do is to take some supplements… And I am going to tell you the truth about it.


This is the main keyword in any conversation about fitness. Most people care more about what they put into their gas tanks than what they eat. That is why “junk food” is a big no-no

“BetterMe” Walking Plan

A workout is one more step towards the better health. You can choose whatever you want. There is a nice app that you can use called “Better Me”. They came up with one cool guide that can help you lose some weight. It will calculate your daily intake of the foods you already eat every day. The plane they are offering is divided into three simple categories.

Week 1 – The Warm up

You need to take 5 minutes of your free time in the morning and in the evening to walk. It is simple as that. You need to keep that pace at some moderate level. The trick is to increase the time of walking by two minutes every day. 7 minutes on day 2; 9 minutes on day 3, and at the end of the week 1, you should be walking 17 to 20 minutes in the morning and in the evening.

Week 2 – Cardio

This is the week of “High-Intensity Interval Training” or HIIT. You change the pace of your walking to make your body constantly trying to adjust – thus using more energy.

Day 1 – 2 minutes of easy walking, 10 minutes of fast walking, and 2 minutes of easy walking;

Day 2 – 20 minutes of a moderate walk (you choose the time of day);

Day 3 – 5 minutes of easy walk, 12 minutes of fast walk and 5 minutes of easy walking;

Day 4 – 20 minutes of moderate walk (you choose the time of day);

Day 5 – 5 minutes of easy walking, 15 fast walking, and 5 minutes of easy walking;

Day 6 – 20 minutes of moderate walking (you choose the time of day);

Day 7 – 5 minutes of easy walking, 18 minutes of fast walking, and 5 minutes of easy walking.

Week 3 – Strength

The third week is where you add some strength to this routine. You can do these exercises at any time of the day.

Day 1 – walk up and down a set of stairs for 10 minutes, and then walk for 2 minutes;

Day 2 – 20 minutes of moderate walking;

Day 3 – 12 minutes of up and down a set of stairs and 2 minutes of fast walking;

Day 4 – 25 minutes of moderate walking and two sets of 12 reps of squats;

Day 5 – 20 minutes of stairs and 3 minutes of an easy walk;

Day 6 – 25 minutes of a moderate walk;

Day 7 – 20 minutes of a fast walk and 3 minutes of an easy walk.

The Results

This kind of routine will increase your metabolism and jump start your condition. You will start losing that body fat, and the loss of those calories will make you feel healthier than before. However, this routine is not magic.

You need to stick to some nice (smart) diet plan and stop eating those sweets! After finishing this 21-day-walking plan you need to continue walking, running and working out. Keep sweating and dumping all that poison that has been piling up inside your body!

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