10 types of girls that men can not resist

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As long as the world exists, women will think what kind of women the men want.

Each has specific tastes and preferences, but the following types of women all agree.


  1. Girl with children’s view

She is cheerful, playful, not too serious (but not stupid). As a rule these girls love older men who are not looking for partnership.

  1. Female-mystery

Basically every woman should be a mystery. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand the logic of women. The mysterious woman never allow to be read like an open book.

  1. Sex appeal beauty

It is noteworthy that these women are favorable to men based on their instincts. But it seems that the attraction is only short-lived, because rarely such relationships end in marriage.

  1. Modest and naive girl

These girls are cute and act innocent and shy. Men always appreciate these girls because they look good and decent.

  1. Bond girl

Of course, not all men want this girl. She is very active, she can practice kickboxing, walking in mountains and diving. Her main quality is courage.

  1. Bad Girl

These girls have to be extremely careful. Nobody would like to  date in pubs and taverns and pretend enjoying the things that did not interest.

  1. Independent woman

These women never feel lonely because of the lack of a man in their lives. They can independently solve most of their problems. In any case the strongest women need men’s support.

  1. Girl similar to her mother

These girls are very caring and economically would be perfect. The only thing that can be a problem is the ability to develop too much friendship between the partners.

  1. Beauty queen

These girls are like stars shining in the sky. It should be especially careful to keep, because these girls are rarely lonely.

  1. Girl with male style

A girl who has a good sense of humor and lack of typical female antics. Some boys fall for these girls, because they are easier to manage compared with discerning ladies.

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