10 Secret Weight Loss Tips For Women’s Health, Proven Fat Loss Secrets

The ultimate 10 Secret Weight Loss Tips are extremely effective for a flat belly and slim, toned waist – proven tips from women who’ve lost weight.

Ladies, do you struggle with weight loss? Tired of your weight going up and down? Check out these fat loss tips that are proven to shed pounds.

Want to stay skinny this year? If you want to get something done, you listen to people who got it done, right?

So, we searched for ideas for staying fit from people who really do it like Padma Lakshmi, Shaun T, and Maria Menounos. We discovered the 10 best kept secrets and tips that you won’t get from your doctor or weight loss guru.

1. It’s Better To Be Healthy Than Thin

Maria Menounos’ first tip is to stay healthy. According to her, health is the most important thing in your life and if you want to be thin, too, that’s a big plus for you. Many thin people can be unhealthy, living on energy drinks and soda and starving themselves. They don’t have a quality life and most of them are unhappy, too.

2. Drink Tea In The Morning

Padma Lakshmi, the Top Chef host reveals that she always starts the day with ginger tea, which consists of black tea, milk, honey, ginger, and cardamom. Her breakfast ritual includes also a green juice with mint, beets, kale, carrots, apple, and ginger or a three egg white, one yolk scramble.

3. Crack The Color Code

You can get nutritional information through the pigment of the produce. Here are five different color categories of fruits and vegetables and their benefits to your health.

Whites pears, bananas, onions, cauliflower, garlic. Health benefits lower the risk of heart disease and reduce the LDL cholesterol levels

Greens kiwi, spinach, broccoli, Brussels, honeydew, cabbage, sprouts. Health benefits- protect eyesight, teeth, and bones.

Blues and purples blackberries, plums, blueberries, purple grapes, raisins, eggplant. Health benefits reduce the risk of several types of cancer and keep your memory sharp.

Yellows and oranges grapefruit, peaches, oranges, mangoes, cantaloupe, pineapple, carrots, squash. Health benefits prevent eye diseases and improve the immune system.

Reds strawberries, cherries, raspberries, cranberries, red apples, radishes, tomatoes. Health benefits boost the blood flow to the heart and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Treat Yourself With A Glass Of Guinness

Sam Adam Light was recognized for its discernable nutty flavor and full body at the Light Beer Taste Test. Most of the beers have fewer than 175 calories, but even the extra-heady brew contains 250. It’s the extra heft of carbohydrates that make the beer different than other alcoholic beverages.

5. Make PB + JS

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich is the perfect post-workout snack. It contains approximately 400 calories, 20-30 grams of protein and 50-65 grams of carbohydrates. A small bowl of pasta or lean meat can do the trick, too.

6. Power Up Your Pasta

Pasta meals are often considered bad because of a lack of substantive nutrition. However, you can improve your pasta dish by adding 8 ounces of grilled rotisserie chicken, 8 ounces of sliced cremini or button mushrooms prepared with onion and garlic, or 8 cups of spinach stirred with the pasta.

7. Divide And Dine

Here is a golden rule: divide your meal in and eat half. Wait for 10 minutes before you dig in the second half. That way your stomach will have enough time to digest it and decide whether you have had enough.

8. Work The Perimeter

In supermarkets essential products like bread, milk, and eggs replaced in the back and along the perimeter of the supermarket so that the costumes travel to each part of the store and expose themselves to multiple temptations on the way. So, next time, just go straight forward to your product.

9. Drink Away Your Heart Attack

Replacing the sodas, bottled teas, energy and sports drinks, juices and vitamin waters with lean beverages will get you the healthy benefits of the visceral fat. Drink more water, unsweetened tea and coffee and milk.

10. Recognize Salad Decoys

‘Decoy marketing’ is part of the restaurant trade as a way to make you order cheaper, more caloric food. You’ll choose a ‘healthy option’ like salad and feel on track with your diet goals. The reality is that you will eat larger and more caloric meal with calorie count similar to that of a burger.


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