10 Reasons Why Are you Eating when you are Actually not Hungry

We are all guilty for consuming food when we are actually not hungry. Consciously or unconsciously we allow food to reach our stomach without any request. Consuming a food in the absence of real hunger is not so scary, but when we will start to practice in everyday life, it becomes a threat for the shape and the health of the body.

Have you ever had a situation when you ate just because you’re bored, anxious or angry? Of course that you had!

Here are the most common reasons why are you eating when you don’t feel hungry?

1.Holiday or special occasion – When you know a lot of people, every day can be a special occasion. Birthdays, christenings, weddings … just as you thought the end had come, began the festive period – Easter, New Year.

Tip: The holidays should not be seen as a days to overeat. Have a self – control and do not overdo the portions.

2.You are thirsty – Many people make a confusion between thirst and hunger, where in fact you just need a glass of water.

Tip: The next time when you feel hunger, drink a glass of water and wait 10 minutes. If hunger does not disappear, you can definitely grab your favorite food.

3.Using the food to deal with stress, anxiety, anger, loneliness – After the arguing with your lover, you are grabbing the chocolate immediately. You are healing your headache from the busy day with uncontrolled nibbling in front of the TV.

Tip: Ask yourself one more time whether you are really hungry, stressed or anxious, before go straight to the fridge.

4.You need a good sleep – The fact is that the appetite is more difficult to control when we need a sleep. Lack of sleep lowers the leptin – a hormone that tells the brain that you have received enough food.

Tip: Have 7-8 hours of sleep.

5.The food is diet. The words “diet” or “light” on the package of the products, make you eat a few more morsels. But you should know that these products are not without calories just because they have a ,,diet,, label.

Tip: Limiting and controlling the number of meals is necessary, despite you are on a low or high fat food.

6.You are bored. You often open the fridge during a boring rainy weekend or eating. Boredom is a recipe for intake an additional calories.

Tip: Find activities that make you happy, like reading a book, swimming, running, which will be an option when the boredom attacks.

7.Having a lunch with big company. When there are more people on the table, you intake more calories just because it’s harder to deny.

Tip: Improve your self – control, regardless the environment and try to say “no” despite any insisting.

8.Habit to eat the whole portion. Emptying the dishes as a habit is another reason why you are eating when you are not hungry. Habits are permanently engraved in our behavior, so it is difficult to drop it.

Tip: Use smaller dishes or fill smaller portions to avoid overeating. Remember, the dish should not be empty when you will leave the table.

9.Giving up your vices. Quitting smoking is great news, but not when you eat food whenever the desire for nicotine attack. For many people food is attractive and seemingly safe alternative to keep hands busy without having to reach for a cigarette, but the truth is that it can easily lead to overeating and obesity.

Tip: Find an activity that will help you outsmart the vices like sports or intense companionship.

10.The food is before your eyes. Do not mind to eat cake after lunch, but it simply found in your hand?!? It’s not easy to resist on the food before your eyes.

Tip: Away from the eyes, away from your mouth – Place the food away from you. But if there is nowhere to escape and it is just before you, ask yourself if you are really hungry before you grab it.

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