10 Factors That Affect, for Strong Woman in Marriage

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We all like to hear things that would proof we are a perfect match with our partners. At the beginning everything might seem cool and perfect, but that’s only because you’re wearing the “perfect pink sunglasses”.

However, collecting knowledge from many interviews, magazines and intercomunicational studies, we have come to the conclusion that the following 10 factors are significant sign that a relationship is going to work out and that the two partners have a tendency to develop a really strong connection.

Having the same sense of humor

Understanding each other’s stupid jokes, even when no one else is laughing and getting the “catch” in a simple silly sentence is a sign of similar thinking. And to be honest, a sense of humor is crucial for a strong relationship to develop – who likes to be serious and overthinking all the time?

You think alike when it comes to finances

If one of you is a budget planning master, while the other one is spending money without even thinking, it won’t work out for you on long stages. And to be honest, the topic of finances comes first on the table when you move in with the partner, and being on the same page can be a very smooth sail in the beginning of the relationship.

Compromising about the house duties

If a guy is cooking and the girl is not much into it, that’s ok. As long as everyone is happy and knows what they’re doing around the house, there will be no arguments about unfinished house chores and no stupid arguments on that subject. Plus, your home won’t be a mess – ever!

Share the same “interests” in the intimate sphere

This is probably the most basic thing that has to match. If one of the partners has a much higher libido, things won’t work out. But if you’re really into each other, you will be interested in each other and about the kinky silly things you want to do in bed more approximately.

You both have the same priorities in life

It is crucial to be happy in a relationship, but, making compromises about many things is also the key to a good relationship. However, if you have to put your priorities on the last place just to make your partner happy and feel like sacrificing more in the relationship, it won’t work out. But if your partner understands your priorities, even though they don’t quite like it, then you’re a good couple.

Sharing the idea of a common future

If you’re both thinking about moving in together, moving to a different city or country, starting a family, adopting a pet, starting a mutual business etc. AND talking about it – you’re ready for the next stage of your relationship!

You aren’t trying to change each other

This is a very crucial thing to look for in your relationship. If you know yours and your partner’s bad habits and still not arguing about them, and making silly jokes about them – you’re a perfect match!

You feel amused when together

You always have something to say, you can talk about every aspect of the day that has passed, you know everything about each other and can hang out both as partners and best friends. What more to ask for?

Same views about parenting

If you have a serious relationship with your partner, you’ve probably discussed about planning a family and acting as a “good parent – bad parent”. If you’re both agreeing on using the same parenting methods and have a similar view about raising a child, you’re good to go!

You belong to the same social class

We live in the 21st century, but to be honest, coming from very different social and financial classes can be a real problem – because that has deep roots in our behavior and raising up. Sure, if you want to be together, nothing can stop you, but, it will be much easier to cooperate if the environments you ere brought up in were more similar.

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