10 Easy Tips & Tricks To Make Your Hair Look Thicker

If you have thin hair and have always wanted to make it look thick and voluminous, you have nothing to worry about. Here are a few tricks and tips to make your hair look thicker in a jiffy. These techniques are super cool and easy, and will help make your tresses look gorgeous and full of volume. Go ahead and try one (or more) of these tricks whenever you want to flaunt that bouncy and voluminous mane!

1. Apply mousse

If you have thin and limp hair, then you should definitely apply some volumizing mousse. If you have fine hair, take an egg-sized amount in your palms and apply from your roots to the end. Make sure that your hair is damp at the time, so that it can absorb the product easily. This will make your hair look fuller and so thick.

2. Hide a clip between your ponytail

If you’re making a ponytail and your hair looks thin and limp, we have and awesome trick for you to give it an instant boost! Make your usual high ponytail and split it in half, then stick a tiny clip there and hide it with the top section of your ponytail. It will lift your hairdo and make it look full of volume. This trick is amazing, girls!

3. Switch your part

Your hair becomes used to falling in the same place every day. If you instantly want to add some thickness to it, try changing the part. If you usually go for a middle part, part your hair from either of the sides. As your hair is not used to that particular part, it will look fluffier and full of volume.

4. Tease your hair To make your hair

look full and thick, we suggest you tease it. Teasing your mane is a great way to add volume to your limp strands as it creates thickness from the roots. Take a small section of your hair, hold it up and backcomb it. Spray each section so that the teased strands stay in place. Create the desired height you want in order to make your hair look thick and you’re good to go!

5. Rinse with apple cider vinegar

Give your tresses a fresh start by rinsing them with apple cider vinegar. Mix 2-3 tablespoons of ACV with one mug of water and pour it down your scalp. Do this at least twice a week after you’re done shampooing and conditioning your hair. ACV will give your tresses some volume and reduce the frizziness as well.

6. Invest in a volumizing shampoo

If you have fine hair that lacks volume and has low density, you should definitely invest in a good volumizing shampoo. It will make your hair bouncy and shiny after every wash. These shampoos create a net around the hair, making it feel plump. So, ladies, that’s your cue to buying a volumizing shampoo!

7. Pancake your braid

For girls with thin and fine hair, a braid might look super sleek and that’s the last thing you want if you want your hair to appear thick. Braids are stylish and look good on everyone – in order to make your hair look voluminous, try ‘pancaking’ it. It’s super easy as all you have to do is gently pull and tug at your braid. This will make your hairdo look fluffy and thick – amazing, isn’t it?

8. Fill in your hair part

To make your hair look full of volume, create an illusion of thick hair. Take a black matte eyeshadow (or a shade closest to your hair colour) and fill your hair part with it. Many celebs these days are also filling their hairlines to fake voluminous tresses. This is a new hair trend and people are going gaga over it! Give it a try to fake thick hair.

9. Use a volumizing spray after air-drying

If you don’t have time to blow-dry your hair, let it air-dry. Once it’s dry, use a dry volume spray to set your hair. It will give your tresses a nice, sexy and beachy look full of volume, of course. It will immediately transform your limp and thin hair to gorgeous, fluffy locks.

10. Use your fingers while blow-drying

Before you pick up a comb, use your fingers to detangle your strands while you blow-dry it. This will help get the water out of your hair, as well. Hold your hair up while you blow-dry so that it doesn’t stick to your scalp and look limp and thin. Pulling your hair away from the scalp makes it look fuller as the heat helps build volume.

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